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Vitality is the most important stat?

I’m coming back to the game after a year off but I’ve played VK Smiter and Autobomber and everyone keeps saying Vitality is the most important stat for offense. What mechanic is in play that gives Vitality so much offensive power?

Also, how does VK Smiter compare to Autobomber nowadays?

The Renouncement Passive in the VK tree makes Smite scale off Vitality… Vitality also boosts health, which is arguably the best defensive stat too (after a point higher health tends to trump other defensive layers (See EHP Calculator) … So you get a double whammy of offence and defence in one stat…

Autobomber, even after the nerf, is still better imho… I tend to use the autobomber variation that includes Smite for single targets & additional mana regen - best of both in my opinion even though the scaling isnt as optimal (its all still spell damage)… Depending on how long ago you last played, there are plenty more Smite related builds to consider too…

If you take the Renoucement passive it changes Smite to gain +1 flat void spell damage per vitality & flat damage is usually the hardest to get so it scale’s skill damage the most. Since Devouring Orb is also a void spell it gains +2 flat void spell damage per vitality. Devouring Orb would do more since it gets more flat damage per vitality. But as Vapour said, Smite makes for excellent single target, the best would be combining both of them since DO has a cooldown.

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This is something I wish every class has and not only void knight. It’s so powerfull I can’t even tell what the devs thought when they implemented this and why this is only on VK.

The moment anything scales both offence and defence at the same time, everything else pales in comparison… there was another thing like this a while ago that used to be totally broken because of a similar scaling mechanic - trying to remember what it was… but the old greymatter fails me…

Every attribute scales offensive & defensive stats, the issue with vitality is that it adds flat damage not % damage. That said, it’s a thematic change, I think they wanted to do something differently rather than just have the usual 4% increased damage.

Sure, to some degree… but as you say, this Vitality one takes it to a new level that is hard to beat…

Wish I could remember the other interaction that was like this and proved to be too OP… my gut is telling me it was the original Spellblade issue when I first started playing with the stupidly high ward generation that used to be possible and scaled on offensive use… similar concept in my mind… and it got nerfed…

Yeah, they nerfed the ward decay formula rather than the ward on hit, im waiting for something similar to happen to the Necro’s ward generation since they can generate way more ward than the Spellblade uses to.

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Recently we got Ashes of mortality, a ring from soulfire bastion.

it scales off of actions per second and ignite chance, generally offensive stats. So aslong as you can hit something you are able to build quite large ward even in its nerfed state. and before its nerf, 200k ward was not outside of possibility.

Ward generation that scales with how fast you can hit targets is generally gonna end up binary as too strong, or only useful in niche situations and thus not worth using as an only defense.


Dead characters do not cause damage.
It works for everyone, not just for void knight.
And it will work as long as we only have one attempt to pass the Echo/dungeon.

The skills tooltip tells you which stat it scales with.

In the case of VK Smiter and Autobomber, they can scale with vitality.

Thus as vitality gives damage AND health, it is the best for those builds.