Vital ward bug - zombies still healing

As the title says. Vital ward for necromancer->zombies is still bugged. Despite having the vital ward node that changes the zombie leech into ward leech, the zombies will still leech health and ward. This completely ruins any low life build. I searched and there was a post about this around 6 weeks ago. Would be nice to get a confirmation about it at least.


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Same here. Vital ward is actually doing nothing but wasting a point on the tree right now. If you spec into it it behaves as if you never took the point (basically gives you the full health healing still).

I went ahead and tested it on an offline character. I’ve included a video recording of it tested. Bottomline is BOTH “Necromatic Fervor” and “Vital Ward” are glitched currently.

  • Necromatic fervor gives both life and ward (when it is supposed to just give life).
  • Vital ward does absolutely nothing.

Here is a video of it being tested. I unspec’d the ward on minion death nodes in both the acolyte and necro trees.