Vit changes for VK

Howdy fellow void knights, what are our collective thoughts on the vit changes in 9.2? I like the resistances but man the health nerf is rough. VK already has pretty bad survivability so this change is kinda massive IMO

I’ve been playing my mage classes almost exclusively since the patch collecting the new affixes, totems, and gear. With that being said, I know my FG which I played very briefly wasn’t anywhere near as solid in the survivability arena so I’ve been concerned about my VK. It’s interesting to hear your expression above that coincides with my FG so when I play my VK I expect some serious survivability issues since his gear was already not up to snuff yet.

So I had to swap out a Bastion shield on my Forge Guard and make the adjustment around Vitality. I made a post in the announcement about the patch notes and I was concerned how much it was going to affect me.

Turns out, I’m actually tankier. LOL. I lost about 150 health but I gained a good ~30ish% in necro/poison resist so I could drop those off my gear spots and fill them with more health armor. And the shield with higher block chance now puts me at about 70% and that’s including anything that’s furhter away than the Bastion 4 meters buff so I’m soaking more there. 250-300 corruption, very comfortable.

I haven’t noticed a drop in damage at all, either. In fact because it’s better because I can soak more so I don’t have to reposition nearly as much. That might be the tough spot for VK I guess if you’re using Vit to stack damage.

So I have to eat my words on the concern before in that regard. How it affects VK’s damage out put, though I can speak to haven’t run my VK in a long time.

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Don’t want to derail this but no so fast with that concern. Play a new ssf toon to mimic a fresh start and you’ll most likely see that you concerns are valid. Right now you most likely have everything needed to redo your build 20 times to compensate for 20 different changes that might happen. For new players this is meh.

For the DK as @CaiusMartius said use the affix slots you get back from the resi buffs to slot in HP and it should be somewhat even. I think the whole Vit change was a first step to make shards that drop a lot or valuable.

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That’s the thing, I only got one affix slot back, on my belt, and that’s it. but I went from 2.7k to 2.4k health. my gearing isn’t done obviously but that’s a pretty significant change.

Yes that’s why I said what I said. It’s a swift kick to the nuts for undergeared players but you don’t care for it anymore after xyz hours played. Then again if your tankieness is good resis maxed and you don’t take crits anymore 2.4k HP should carry you there.

my point is that 1 affix slot is not going to make the difference back, especially not up at ~300 corruption where enemies can hit stun me now because of the change. I don’t feel that I’m under geared personally, and even if I was I don’t think that should invalidate the concern I’m trying to raise. A large part of Void Knight’s health pool comes from VIT, so this change seems to affect them disproportionately.

Possibly, and likely, very true. But to add to that, new players working their way to Empowered probably won’t notice this as much because they’ll be adjusting their gearing and stuff for lower level content and high HP isn’t the be-all or end-all at those levels. But yeah, more than likely the folks in the middle there might feel this more of a sting.

Given the desire for LE to try to bring ‘gear’ a little more into the picture of effecting the character, and all the new affixes we’ve gotten in the last two patches, I’m guessing this isn’t the last change. They have to start with some stuff.

I actually think they should do something like they did with apostate or whatever the name of that rebuke amulet is.

Where it gives you extra hp with vitality. That would be a perfect capstone for voidknight, locked where only they can get it. Since vit now gives basically 2 total res per point, id still make it lower then 10, but +2 per point would go a long way to making it feel good for VK again.

Personally I think the stat is actually kinda better in some ways for a more casual user.

Next redo attunement please. It would probably hurt hands of judgement, but mana from attunement is niche and boring. make it give 2 mana per point and 1 ele res, which is kinda what it did in the past iirc back in the protections era.