Visual Improvements Coming in Our Next Patch

Looks really good.

Looks nice. :blush:

While I think the environments look amazing with the new update, I’ve not seen anyone mention the fact that the character is dual-wielding…Can we get any info on that :smiley:!!! Still looks good, keep up the great work guys.

Probably end of the month/early October.

And yes, they look much nicer.

GPU price drops can’t come sooner. Very nice.

when i look closely at the pics do we get dual wielding too?

That’s Reaper form for the Lich, it always uses a dual wield graphic despite the Lich that uses it doesn’t. They’ve not mentioned anything about dual wielding or when it will be implemented.

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i only played primalist so far so thx for clearing that up

Sad, I hoped we will be finally able to make dual builds like dual shields :wink:

Very nice.
I stopped playing LE after 70ish hours, the world feeling lifeless/bland is definitely one of the reasons. I am not complaining, I know this is EA, I knew what I was getting into.

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OMG this looks epic.

Looks great!

Fire animations need some more sharpness. It feels like its not warm enough.

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To me, they both seem to be ‘night’, as in: both are too dark :wink:
The added rcihness of detail is a good change though.

Lower District looks amazing! Well done art team!

BTW, from discussions on one of Discord channels - are there any plans to make improvements for optimisations like graphics?

Optimisation is an on-going task which is why it’s at the bottom of the below.

I see. Good to know it’s on the developers on-going To-Do lis. :slight_smile:

I’m again amazed by the progress. Remembering the old public alphe demo which you put out on kickstarter back the day, where i will be absolutely honest with (sorry to say) which looked absolutely sh** (one of the reasons why i couldn’t get into the game back than, and i by no means a graphicwh**** i play a wide range of Games… but this where one of the few graphics which even i couldn’t deal with) to one which becomes (IMHO) one of the best looking ARPGs out there. Nice.

I mean EHG can correct me if i’m wrong, but as much as my knowledge goes and other devs told me, that stuff like optimization is often tend to be made at the end of dev-cycle, because alot of stuff which they introduce meanwhile developing a game can kill the optimisation anyway. That’s why it’s better to clean the mess when the Game is Mechanical wise complete, as well preferable content-complete… otherwsie it would stretch the dev-time(same goes for Bugs). And that’s the issue Early Access Games face, because you give out a work-in-progress build to the public, and devs need to decide if they try to focus to finish the game faster so people who supported the game but wait for release doesn’t need to wait longer…(or potential customers) or if they try to polish and optimize each build as much as possible, which can however stretch out the dev time quite a bit. I’d rather take a more messy early access but to get sooner a full game, than a very polished unfinished game where i’ve to wait 1-2 years longer.

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