"Violent, racist, extreme..."

Lemme know if this is a bug or a feature before I waste anymore time. Not going to invest time in a game where I can get perma chat banned and accused of “violence, racism, extremism” because I had the word “pen@#” (apparently we need to filter that because it’s so scary) in a private message to a friend on my friends list.


How dare you!

I can’t find the message but the chat is WiP. I think Mike said something about it some months ago.

If you have an issue with a specific chat moderation then you’d need to raise a support ticket. The profanity filter was, a trifle excessive in earlier testing but you shouldn’t have been banned for it (unless your friend complained).

Yeah I made sure to check with him to see if he was trolling… he didn’t… and in fact, later responded when I logged on to test with just the word “pe@#$” and he was also banned.


We have only actually not been issuing many mutes - those that have received mutes were warned beforehand. We are investigating this issue, and believe it is related to the matchmaking issues we’re currently working on. Basically - The chat client is attempting to send a message, and not getting a response from the server, so it’s assuming that it got blocked for profanity and issuing that response. We’re working on getting this resolved, as well as making the current warning a little less extreme.


How about “Have you been a naughty boy then hmmmmmmmmm?”

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How about not banning people for language like Blizzard and other woke companies? People are tired of the censorship and care-bare attitudes.


Most people avoid getting banned for their language by not using vile, violent, harassing, bigoted, or otherwise wholly inappropriate language in chat. The days of it being ok to be unabashedly rude on the internet passed a long time ago. It’s time to catch up.

If “Treat other human beings like human beings” is what you’d describe as “woke, care-bare censorship”, then I’m not sure your opinion on the subject of what’s ok to say is something anybody finds compelling.


And you actually believe this? All that matters is if you’re drinking from the same kool-aid as those who have been granted powers of moderating.

I got this same message last night while trying to report the Warpath bug live to one of the Devs in-game. I have posted about the bug to the Bug Report Forum. I was not chatbanned, however.

I helped moderate a 10 million user forum for almost a decade. I saw countless people be banned for their indefensible inhumanity and rudeness towards others. Those people often took to other forums to levy similar complaints of “wokeness” (back then they called it “political correctness”), “kool-aid”, “care-bear”, “coddling”, and so on. And shockingly, their version of what they said or did that led to their ban, every single time, was an absolute lie that in every possible way downplayed how terrible they had been.

So, since what you describe as “drinking the kool-aid” is in my experience almost always nothing more than angry regressives taking offense to the statement: “Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is not your God given right”, the answer I’ll give to your question is yes - I do believe that the internet that existed in the 90s where you could run around verbally crapping on anybody to your heart’s content no longer exists, and furthermore should no longer exist.


How about not being a douche to other people? I don’t understand this attitude people have of feeling the need to crap on people and then try and justify it. Bad behavior SHOULD be censored, it’s not that hard to be decent to other people. Being “woke” isn’t a bad thing, I mean, I would rather be woke than asleep and ignorant.

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Being woke has got zero to do with being polite, considerate and respectful. Those things are universal. That said, always give someone the opportunity to change their behaviour. If they refuse, then that’s their right and choice and it is also the right and choice of the moderator to punt them. Especially in a public forum. This isn’t your basement or study or man cave. And as Kain mentioned, they are working on making sure there are steps in place that include warnings rather than onset outright bans.


I am not a fan of the filter, It is overbearing in its current state. I don’t believe it should censor private messages between friends either, that is just overkill. If two friends want to talk shit to each other privately, then the game shouldn’t intervene. The report function exists for a reason, to report abuse. That’s good enough for moderating private messages. The filter doesn’t belong there.

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Is there any way to know if we’re chatbanned or simply bugged?

Anyone who says “woke” like that is an NPC, and we all know it.


Also unrelated but man, you’re well spoken and really excel at getting your point across.

I agree with everything you’ve said here. That era doesn’t exist, and truly shouldn’t exist anymore.

Every time someone says “wokeness” like it doesn’t just mean “not being a terrible person to others” is simply telling on themselves.

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He has his moments.

So what’s the appropriate way to go about getting this fixed? Do we submit a ticket somewhere specific? Might have overlooked it in game but didn’t see a ticket system.

They’re aware of it. Mox actually just commented on it in the General Chat in game. We’ll probably see an update sooner than later.