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Violence and Gore

Hello my friends!
In my opinion it is a shame that this game lacks violence and sometimes looks like sterile Titan Quest game. It definitely have a lot of potential and with some gore and violence it will be insurmountable for it’s counterparts. Even PoE have some gore and blood. What I suggest for LE:

  1. Have some drips of blood on the character after or during the fight. For instance, in Grim Dawn you had blood on your blade after killing stuff;

2)Make that bodies not disappeared so fast on the floor and it will be nice to have some blood spots under this bodies lying on the floor. Of course, I meant only appropriate enemies which can bleed;

3)It will be really nice to see some smithereens after explosion or destruction of some enemies. It will be nice to see some blood along with these smithereens.

I do understand that you guys are targeting for some huge markets like Chinese where there are limitations on violence but please you may take it into some serious consideration that you need more gore and violence in your game to make it even more competitive.
Thanks in advance!


I don’t disagree but I don’t really understand.
Why should we see more gore? Seeing more will not change the gameplay. On the opposite, it may add “visual noise” and hide other things on screen.
What does more gore bring to you? I’m just curious here.


It will add to the feel of impact by seeing the result of powerful attacks.


Yes. It will add to the feeling of seriousness of all which is going on and it will make things less cartoonish. I liked Titan Quest back then but lack of violence has always been a huge drawback for me and the guys who made Grim Dawn understood it and added just nice amount of gore into this game. And Grim Dawn became even more popular then Titan Quest.
I think that you should at least allow players to turn violence ON and OFF in the game settings. This will be a good compromise.

Well, I already see blood, guts and bones when I kill mobs here, so I don’t feel the need for more.

But I agree with this though. If you feel the need for more gore, why not? I don’t disagree at all, I simply don’t have the need for this personnaly.

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The Extra Gore mod in PoE was always fun. There is something to be said about the way a game makes you feel the weight of attacks, and a good splashy explosion of a hundred monsters guts flying everywhere can do that pretty well. Thing is, we already have that in a lot of ways and on a lot of monster deaths - it’s just not really like a sliding scale. Would be kinda cool if eventually there was something tied to when your character goes “Damn I’m good” or whatever after 1 shotting a pack, and having that pack explode extra-juicy or something. Mobs you insta-gib will provide a few more giblets. Def not something I’d say LE needs, but not something I’d say LE shouldn’t have.


The screen is already chaotic enough in high level gameplay. Do we really need more gore to make it even more chaotic? I don’t think I have time to observe and admire those gore details during fight.
Personally, I don’t need to see gore to feel powerful. All I need are big damage numbers popping up and seeing everything dies.

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I think it can add immersiveness and it makes the gameplay feel much better, I mean good combat is the only reason Diablo 3 is alive.


Absolutely! I agree with everything you said. Violence add exquisite flavour to the game. Just remember gud ol’ Butcher “Fresh meat”…


I like Kenshi violence


lots of blood and limbs flying around

Of all (the few) HnS that I played, Diablo 3 has the better combat feeling, yes.
But I’m not sure it has more gore than Last Epoch, to be honest. It’s just than in Last Epoch, there is more variety in what mobs look like, so in D3 when you kill a pack, you obtain a mass of similar corpses. In LE, corpses are various and don’t all look the same.
When I want gore, I play Blip & Blop ^^


Blip & Blop Walkthrough - YouTube

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Diablo 3 Bestiary
D3 has at least 60 mob types and some of them died well

Whimsyshire - the bears/unicorns die badly, blood sprays from their necks, they get cut in half etc

Adding more gore effects to remove the “sterile” feeling of a game will likely cause more trouble than its honestly worth. You’ll run into situations where players on lower end PCs could potentially encounter performance issues which will lead to the need for a UI toggle for gore.

Adding unnecessary, non-gameplay features should not be a serious consideration.

You mention Grim Dawn, but that game also has ridiculous, unbelievable rag-dolling that completely ruins any immersion that a bloodied blade would even add.

This feature, if it is to ever be implemented, should be added to the very bottom of the to-do list - and there better be an option to disable it in the UI settings.

I absolutly cant understand the argument, that the blood would be a distracting noise. I mean there is a red light when you hit mobs. Is this better?^^

Look at all the succesfull hack n slashs. Diablo, Grimm Dawn, Torchlight, Lost Ark. They all have at least blood, if nod chopped of Heads, Guts etc. It adds fun. All things said here are true: It gives you a feedback, that something happend and youre the boss. But lets be honest: We are humans and humans like violence. I dont want to say war or brawls are good. Dont get me wrong. But digital violence is fun for much people. Why do people play GTA, COD oder Diablo. Why do they watch Game of thrones or Quentin Tarentino Films? Its fun! Its ok. We are still Cavemans, in the inside. But with games we can channel our Agressions and let them fade away. Damn i didtn t wanted to get so philosophic.

Just wanted to say: GIVE US BLOOD AN GORE! (Maybe with option to switch it off)


I dont own the Game. I want it so bad. The Classes, the gear, the artwork, the effects, the story, i love and want everything. But i wont buy it without good blood. Made this Account, just to say that. Becaus i REALLY want it.
But man, i wont play a hack n slash without blood. Because man: its a hack n slash. Whats wrong with you guys?

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Devs, please don’t ignore this feedback!

My #1 problem with the game, and I’ve been playing quite a bit, is that combat does not feel impactful and gory.
Some people like sterile look - but I believe there’s a lot of us who creave immersion - baldes cutting off limbs/heads, blood spatters and in general hit impact, good death animations.

100% there should be an option for the gore, not everyone will want it - but there’s a reason people like settings like Diablo, PoE, Grim Dawn - they aren’t exactly “nice”.

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