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Vines Druid - help please

Hi all, I’m currently trying out spriggan forms vines, I’m only low level, but the boss damage is legit so far, so am wondering if people can answer these so I don’t have to grind out a whole lot of skill respecs to test them:

  • Does spriggans form - petrify still allow healing from spells?
  • Does spriggan form healing totem > spiked totem, using the thorn totem tree allow mana to be regained when the totems expire?
  • Do the primalist idols casting maelstrom use your mana when casting? Do they use the maelstrom skill tree or the generic version?
  • anyone done the math comparing an extra 100 endurance threshold vs, say some armour or dodge?

If all this works out, it seems you can have a very high mana, high life, high endurance druid that can spam cast super high damage vines (attunement scales poison chance and damage on them), recover endless mana via the belt and the thorn totems, who also has lots of healing effectiveness and healing sources. It may also scale well with boots for ward on top. Cheers.

I have an optimised setup with Vines and Spriggan Companion at nearly 97. ive posted my setup multiple times, if you care you can check my post history

  • No idea what petrifiy is

  • I think so regarding the mana but I wouldnt take it since the only use for healing totem is purely for heals you dont need to spec anything in it

  • Maelstrom is will cast specialised version if you have it spec’d im sure but again I wouldnt take this it screws with mana and doesnt give virtually anything

  • No but after the removal of set affixes some of my character just automatically had 60%/600+ threshold so I just left it, armor is good if you have 3k+ otherwise you want to avoid all damage anyway

If you are playing an attunement stacking minion damage stacking build theres no reason to NOT take Spriggan pet since you have almost no skills anyway. I had Werebear on switch but its nerfed now which also means Entangling Roots is not used anymore

but yes this build is strong with 700hp per second from healing totem depending on attunement, tonnes of damage, healing aura from Spriggan, good mana recovery but not infinite - but has no movement skill

Petrify is the node that converts 50% of mana costs to hp, disables hp regen and pushes you back to human on hitting 30% hp.

The Spiked Totem node was bugged where you wouldn’t get any healing, not sure if that is fixed yet or not.

Just wanted to add a few things :

Yes you will still be able to be healed from spells (and totems) when you take Petrify, it only disables your own health regen. (im not a fan of this node tho, as i dont find mana a problem)

Yes mana regain on totem death/expiration (“memories of ettera node”) works with “spiked totem”, this video might help :

(ive also tested it in 0.8.2f and it still works)

I agree with @Shrukn that its not worth taking as it will drain too much mana (even if specc full in mana efficiency node).

Its fixed

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Thanks all for the help, testing is going well!
The synergy between attunement and all these things is wonderful:
At level 66, with 150% healing effectiveness, 50 attunement, 400 mana

  • The boots ‘transient rest’ are not terrible, they give about 250 ward every 2 seconds (we are almost always close to full mana)
  • Maelstrom is not terrible. I do not notice the mana cost, and it gives at least 42 health per second to me and minions, 100% chance to chill, 45 dodge, and large area, plus a bit of damage
  • Summon crow is not terrible. It’s hard to see it do anything in the heat of battle, but it should be providing 750 healing and 750 ward every 4 seconds, plus fairly constant aspect of the crow for the wolf, spriggan and myself
  • Summon wolf is not terrible. I gave it +1 companion, pure lightning chance on hit and damage. Hard to tell if it’s achieving much, but I do see lightnings going off a decent amount, and it’s nicely tanky with all this attunement.
  • Spriggan gives a nice healing aura for us all, which also buffs damage, and she can cast a few entangling roots.
  • I have not been bothering to cast healing totems yet, as I have all this other regen, plus high life pool. However, almost certainly I will want to give up wolves, crow, or maelstrom for healing totems which cast thorn totems, with their node “nightshade briar”, because:
  • The vines have 200% chance to poison and 200% increased poison damage, with 100% chance to slow. This would mean that 100 of them will stack a lot of poisons, which would give the thorn totems some super hard hitting thorns if we spec them into nightshade briar (4% more damage per stack of poison), and their damage nodes. 2000% more damage, doubled via impale seems reasonable to expect on a boss standing still with 80 - 100 vines hitting it.

Gearing has been fun because there are so many stats that are useful (I’m testing ‘moenia mentis’ shield for some ward on block, though I cannot see how this will ever be good: every 5 hits I get 40 ward… :pensive:)

The playstyle is very satisfying. I have 2K life, 1200 armour, 40% endurance and 600 endurance threshold, so it’s forgiving if you stand in a circle of death that would oneshot alternate ‘defensive’ builds. Clearspeed is slow, but consistent, there is AOE from the thorns piercing, and a satisfying means of ramping up damage on the super high HP bosses.

Arenas are where the bug really hurts - you can spread out 100 vines, monsters run in and only a fraction of them are hitting anything, the rest just stand there, limp.