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Vilatria's Downfall

Hi someone can tell me where is the best spot farm for drop [Vilatria’s Downfall], its drop only in a monolight or maybe in some area in a story?

Timeline to target farm: [The Stolen Lance]. This timeline allows Unique or Set Staves/Sceptres to drop more commonly.

in monolight or to wordmap?

Mono. I dont think it needs to be the uber timeline, just a normal one will suffice. Pretty sure. 87.6% sure!

thx verymuch

This will tell you everything you need for where to target farm! :smiley:

The set can also drop during the campaign, in any zone with a level at or above 42 (for the helm) or 46 (for the staff). Monos would be “better” if you’re using the set/unique reward nodes but that doesn’t mean they can’t drop elsewhere. Also, given the helm is class-specific, it’s best farmed on a Mage or one of it’s masteries.