Viking/barbarian looking costumes for the shop

I was expecting to buy some cool costumes in the shop for my character and i know you’ll add more with time. Please add some barbarian/ viking looking gear. Swords, axes, chainmail sort of stuff.

Also please add a cosmetics tab for the fully offline mode. Not for the shop cosmetics but so we can use ingame gear to change our looks. I love playing with looks and gear and i don’t want to be forced to look the same as what best gear is if i can customize that makes me happy.

Thank you for this game it’s awesome and i’ll be glad to support it more once you add some of the costumes that i like visually.

Also pets should pick up gold at very least or automatically sell gear you don’t want or is left behind by the loot filter. Thank you!

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Nobody wants that?

I don’t mind running around looking like a hobo.

Pet picking up gold would be nice.
For them to sell gear, that would be too complex.

I want a Barbarin kind of class to begin with that isn’t “take this bit of primalist!” or “Sentinel is what you are looking for!”. But no costumes ^^.

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That would be awesome as well. A seperate big barbarian class to smash things. Would be awesome!

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