Viewer Suggestions

Hey all, here is a list I have compiled from the viewers of what they would like to see in Last Epoch. Hopefully some of these are new and may be good conversation pieces for internal meetings :smile:
-More Global damage tags?
-Skill tree in game previews from passive tree browsing and skills and specializations window, before investing points
-Named Stash tabs for organization purposes?
-Server saved campaign completion, i.e. No hardcore mode available if the story has already been completed. Currently you have to run the campaign in order to unlock Hardcore, because data isnt being saved server side. (i.e. unfortunate SSD leading to losing this saved data)
-Chat Improvements (right now has issues working) - Helps to facilitate player communication before multiplayer is introduced?
-Profile viewing for friend’s list

Ill keep adding to this post. Wewt!

Could you please elaborate on this one?

This is planned. :slight_smile:

I think the latter may already be implemented?

I like this suggestion; will discuss with the team.

This will be the case for online-only server-side characters. It likely wouldn’t make sense for locally-stored offline-only characters, as if the data was saved server-side exclusively, it would mean not being able to play offline-only characters without an internet connection.

While I could see us potentially creating a utility to backup save data either as a locally stored file or on our servers, I don’t believe we would have time to implement this prior to our official launch. I would like save data to be more resilient than is currently the case.

It’s worth noting that in future we will be removing the requirement to complete the campaign before being able to create Hardcore and Solo characters. Can’t offer an ETA yet.

My understanding is that the issues from this weekend have already been addressed.

We’ll be continuing to improve chat. Specific suggestions are always welcome!

This could be divisive as some players would like it, but others would feel strongly about having a privacy setting to disable it - potentially even having it disabled by default.

I’ll speak with the team about it. It will likely be implemented post-release (if at all).

While I’d love it if you keep posting suggestions, please do submit new posts rather than editing existing posts. The discoverability for new posts is much better than that of edits to existing posts. Posting them here in the same thread would be fine. :slight_smile:

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