VFX Transparency

Add an option to reduce VFXs to a certain percentage making it more transparent or make some skill effects much less visible. Preferably if Player’s and Enemy’s are separate. I don’t know how this should be implemented but I’m thinking maybe like a slider from 0-100% transparency. I would prefer to see a lot less of my enemy’s vfx than mine (while also reducing mine). This shouldn’t affect enemies’ ground AoE indicator or the world/map’s visuals (lava, torches, etc)

As someone who is playing a minion-based build with lots of summons, having some enemy with multi-hit skill hit like 20+ of my minions causes too much lag (those ice birds that does some ice breath for example). I don’t know much about developing a game but I’m hoping this might help with performance or maintaining a playable FPS.

While I’m at this performance topic, is it just me who’s getting under 60 FPS in Ruins of Welryn map even at early stage of the game (a newly-made character around Lv15)? It’s much worse in Monolith of Fate because of more effects and stuff going on.

Thank you for reading.

Hello there, and welcome back!

We are aware of both visibility and performance issues with many of our visual effects, but rather than providing more toggles in the options, we would like to fix both visibility and performance for everyone. In this patch cycle, one of our goals is to provide better performance for our visual effects, and once we will hit our performance targets, we will also address the visibility issues.

Stay tuned, we will have more to share pretty soon.


Hi! Thank You!

I understand. But I still hope we get to have more options to tweak how we want the game would look for us.
It’s been a while since last time I played the game, there has been a lot of good stuff through out the months. Keep up the good work and thank you for the quality content as always.

PS: Add hotkey for picking up items pls :smile:

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