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Vessel of Memory Suggestion

Why do we have to do all echoes all over again when we break a vessel of memory? It’s so annoying and time wasting to go all over again, it would be way better if we could choose the echo we’ve already completed no matter where it is on the tree.

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Understand your suggestion but I think you missed the purpose of the Vessel Of Memory… Its an optional item to reset the the entire monolith timeline so that you can redo the echos without increasing (or decreasing) the corruption level by doing an Orobyss echo (which resets the whole web).

I dont think the Vessel of Memory should be changed… I would rather that another type of echo is added - something that allows what you suggest - resetting an echo… Personally tho, I would think that only resetting one echo wouldnt really be enough of a drawcard…

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I do agree to some extend with the OP, because in a lot of cases the Vessel Of Memory is not worth doing, when your desired echoes, that you want to run twice are very far away from the starting point or the Vessel Of Memory, so you need to progress again through the Echo Web and possibly do dozens of other echoes that you don’t want to do.

I think what would be really nice, if Beacons would not reset with a Vessel Of Memory, this way all completed Beacons across the entire Echo Web could be used as “Checkpoints”, that can be used to reach desired nodes faster, after resettign the Echo web.

Right now you only can use The Starting Point, The Vessel Of Memory that you completed or other Vessels (Both Chaos and Memory) that you already completed beforehand as starting points.


True… and thats probably why I never do Vessels of Memory anyway.

Thats a good compromise… perhaps it should extend to all “special” nodes too, not just beacons. I.e. the Vessel of Memory only redoes normal echos leaving all others untouched.