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Very Strange Display bug after crash

Operating System:
Windows 7
Detailed description:
Simply fighting monsters in the arena, around level 51 on hc, wave 85. As a sorcerer. I logged back in and all the various displays in the entire game seem to overlap each other. Tutorials, map, stash, character select. Everything. Also The only menu option that appears now is chat.
What were you doing at the time?
What I usually do, casting various spells that i had activated. Meteor, Elemental Nova etc. I noticed that my windows update notice popped up around the same time maybe this is related?
How consistently does this happen?
Just one time, which is plenty lol.
Your system information:

Your log file:

I would like to add I’m not able to play the game properly now…can you please help?:slight_smile: The display overlays are either see through or overlapping etc. Thank you.

Could you please post both a screenshot and your system information?

As this thread has gone a month without an update, and @Sirris has been actively posting with an apparent ability to play the game, I’m going to assume this issue has been resolved.

Please feel free to create a new thread, or PM me asking me to unlock this one, if the issue is ongoing and we’ll do everything in our power to help you resolve it. Thanks!