"Very Low" brightness is still too bright

Snow and desert zones are a hefty flashbang. I have the brightness down as far as it goes, and I still cringe and curse every time, especially after playing through a darker zone. They look great otherwise, and I have no idea how this gets fixed, but I don’t feel this issue in other games with similar varieties of zones.


I think this has a lot to do with the new dynamic lighting/enviromental lighting.

Desert and Snow Maplayouts are way too bright and even some of the more “dark” zoens are very brigt and don’t like as much “indoor”, like some of the Void Caves etc.

I also don’t like how bright the Ech of a World Zone is. (The Reward Zone after a Monolith Echo.
And the Shade Of Orobyss Arena as well.

It literally looks like a big flashlight is shining down upon it.

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This is SO TRUE.
My eyes are litteraly bleeding in snow or desert environments. I wanted to change the gamma settings but it is not possible from the graphics menu.

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Why havn’t this been fixed?? They fixed like 2 areas and then what? you gona keep this brightness like this?
Please answer so I know if I gona quit this game for good.

In addition to this, is it just me that finds it hard to see the mini map (either corner or in full screen) on those maps?

Also, would be great to permit the customization of the map color (borders, blinking objective, etc) ?

Same for everyone… impossible to see outlines on minimap or read chat etc.

you guys probably have you brightness to high to being with or to much blue light… Like it looks just fine to me. You can change the setting in your GPU settings or on the monitor it self. It would be nvidia control not sure what amd is called but something similar. Alternatively you could use F.lux to set filters to change color values on a schedule or the built in night light mode with windows display settings

I have mine set to medium & I can’t see the minimap on the snow/desert zones. not that changing it to very low does much in the end of time, but I’ll see what happens in the desert/snow zones.

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my setting seem to be bugged at the moment as everything under graphics says option ABC but are you talk about the map in the corner or the tab map? If you’re talkking about the tab map there’s a setting to overlay opacity just make that higher.

Telling us its our settings please xxxx… everything I do on computer looks perfect, just like last epoch did before this shitty 0.9 patch.

Validation from Mike’s stream: Developer Stream 4.7.23 | Last Epoch - YouTube

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I agree and the devs seem to be aware. Probably they have updated the lightning solution and now they need to update assets to fit the new lightning. Unfortunately that takes time.

Hopefully they do a polish pass on this and make the game a bit more darker overall. It will make shadows pop out more and give the world a more grounded feeling, imho.

Yep flashbang. :sunglasses:

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