"Very Low" brightness is still too bright

Snow and desert zones are a hefty flashbang. I have the brightness down as far as it goes, and I still cringe and curse every time, especially after playing through a darker zone. They look great otherwise, and I have no idea how this gets fixed, but I don’t feel this issue in other games with similar varieties of zones.


I think this has a lot to do with the new dynamic lighting/enviromental lighting.

Desert and Snow Maplayouts are way too bright and even some of the more “dark” zoens are very brigt and don’t like as much “indoor”, like some of the Void Caves etc.

I also don’t like how bright the Ech of a World Zone is. (The Reward Zone after a Monolith Echo.
And the Shade Of Orobyss Arena as well.

It literally looks like a big flashlight is shining down upon it.

This is SO TRUE.
My eyes are litteraly bleeding in snow or desert environments. I wanted to change the gamma settings but it is not possible from the graphics menu.