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Very Fast And Fun Flickerstrike Movement - Volatile Smite Teleport Cancel!

Hey guys, Mordaim here. Today I want to share with you my newly discovered favourite interaction in the game! This video shows you how to animation cancel Volatile Reversals Teleport to speed up your gameplay by an insane amount. It also offers a lot of very strong buffs to your character and debuffs your enemies!

My next build guide will feature the showcased gameplay! It will include a fire AND phys version with specific lootfilters for both of them provided by me, for you!

The animation can be overwritten by the Smite movement ability which can be unlocked through the Decend node. This results in a flickerstrike like animation that teleports you around. You need to press Smite first with volatile reversal shortly afterwards.

Speeds up the gameplay considerably! If you would like to support me, do not forget to check out the video!

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