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Very bright exploding effects of skills and spells... and big piles of mobs

Very bright exploding effects of skills and spells and big piles of mobs - I don’t like that. I am forced to take a little bright exploding or glowing magic or a skill, even if it is a little effective - I do not want to lose my sight and not see what is happening on the screen. That’s what turned me down from PoE. Here I want the power in LE - not to be equal to the blinking and lighting of the screen. I also don’t like the rapid destruction of unrealistically large groups of mobs. I prefer to kill monsters because they are supposed to be bad, but one begins to wonder where this large population comes from. Let them be in smaller numbers but stronger. That’s what my friends and I like. I’m getting ready to buy the game for them as a gift. But I think even at this point, as it is, they will like it more than PoE, but I’m not sure about Grim Dawn

Hi there!

Would it be possible to exactly name the skills you find having to bright effects? Do you mean player skills mainly or are you also referring to enemy skill effects?

I had some issues with lightning nova in the past, especially when channelled. Since lightning skills got an overhaul and the nova got tuned a bit down, it felt ok for me.

LE seems to be aiming for a middle ground here. I’ve seen comments in both directions. Some people agree with your opinion and like fewer, but stronger mobs, others would like to have less rare mobs and higher density.

I’m absolutely for having interesting encounters. I like the mini bosses that are spread throughout the story as well as the story and mono bosses.

Some encounters also have special abilities with telegraphed attacks that should be avoided. I think there has to be a fair mix of trash mobs and meaty encounters. And making enemies just more spongy can make playing very tedious.

I have to admit that I never played Grim Dawn so I can’t judge. But from playing LE I can say that some enemies were way to beefy and already got tuned down.

:scream: :exploding_head:

Who is this guy!? Just when you think you know someone. Haha

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I played D2 a lot and D3 for a decent amount of time. After D3 I got disconnected with ARPGs for a very long time. Played mobas/shooter/mmos.

Finding LE was kind of an absolute coincidence. If I had more time to play, I’d gladly dive into it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Damn! Missed a lot by not playing GD. Best arpg to date imo, but LE has the potential to be at least as good :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! You definitely stumbled across the right game. I was already 4,000 hours deep into GD and felt I needed a change and this was the game I thought I’d take a chance on. Seems we both made good decisions. :smiley:

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