Venom Weaver monsters

was something changed with the Venom Weaver monsters? Even on really low arena waves (wave20 or so) they hurt TREMENDOUSLY hard, on characters that have gone to wave 200+ with ease before. Matter of fact, on a character that can endure all else before wave 200ish can be facetanked even without juggernaut stance on, I get destroyed at wave 15 with juggernaut stance and having picked up 15 extra vitality points. Only the venom weavers can make my hp go down by more then 1%, but they nearly kill me everytime :open_mouth:
Or if nothing was changed, it could be a matter of scaling, as all my other chars arent as high level as this one (lv69) ? but definitely seems bugged

We’ve looked into this and it just seems to be a scaling issue. Venom Weavers will be adjusted next patch.

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