Vengeance Build

Anyone with more Last Epoch experience than myself able to tell me if a build like this would be viable for end game? Obviously the clear speed would be MUCH slower than a meta build. I don’t care about clearing the screen in .3 seconds and flying around. Ill be playing on Hardcore, too. I just want to know if itll be able to at least clear 300 corruption and the dungeons and all the fun end game stuff this game has to offer. I understand Vengeance isn’t particularly a strong skill, but I also love playing tanky melee physical focused builds and I already have a 2H leech Beast master and played around with Rive a decent amount.

Im sure getting gear as good as in the planner isn’t easy but I just wanted to see what kind of stats were possible.

Any input would be appreciated. Going to start this character after work today most likely.
Thank you


long time hardcore vengeance hardcore fan here. been playing since 2 years on and off, pretty much 90% of my time as a paladin with more than half of them into vengeance specialized.

Vengeance can be played as a heavy hitter, I did so on multiple characters with ignite or crit and as a physical or fire damage dealer. Unfortunatly I never made a character with Renegades as my highest one droped so far had only 1Lp, making it not worth at that point to switch setup - ssfhc btw.

I post my few changes here: Paladin, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0) - Last Epoch Build Planner

So your skill tree first:

  • Overwhelm / in general first notes not worth after campaign

  • Counter Attack very very strong for vengeance
    → you can literally attack and run a little for CA and Riposte to proc

  • Doomguard is nice not super strong

  • Dark maw ok and Devouring Blade is only taken if needed

  • Valor and healing effectiveness is not needed for your build!

  • switch between Holy Icon, Defiance and Faith Armor for Suffixe needed

  • Shield Wall very nice for 0 dodge builds

  • Righteous Firebrand for little extra kick

The Paladin has little acces to phys crit builds. You got alot of defence to play around. With no real healing trough abilities you need to concentrate on leech as life regenaration can be a nice addition, but you need to use alot of your resources to make it somewhat strong. Therefor the leech note and Doomguard could also be gone for.

Now to the skills:


  • those points from Renegades are sooo nice lol
  • get phys shred as you will mainly do physical damage (wihtout firebrand even less)
  • max executioner for dmg
  • no need for iron blades if you dont go for bleed/ignite or on hit proc


  • extra defence after using a healing/stunnig ability when you are already tanky as fuck and have blind on hit?
  • simply go right stuff for extra utility


  • in general go with shield rush more for utility, as with a good auto attack build it will clear trash easily
    → max aoe, defence than mana

With Vengeance you want to get with your other skills 2 things. Movement and as much extra damage as possible.
You should play around some other setups, as it is very easy to respec when reaching empowered monoliths. This is definitly fine till then.
Onto the items and blessings. You will most likely not get a higher than 1lp bastion at best. Be already super happy if you get a normal one. The same with Renegades. Dont think it is that easy to get a 3lp one. Best and most needed affix on Renegades for your build in particular is flat added crit chance. It’s one of the reason I wouldn’t recommend that build so much, but you can try to make this build work. Seal things like frailty and chill, as even a low chance to proc them is very effiencent and you can get than other blessings. Also you dont ever want to seal a higher than t3 affixe as the chance to seal a t4 is very low, the same with t3. t2/1 is possible. Very likely if your othe affixes are 4+. Get leech, 4k hp is very good. Your damage isn’t very high, as it is mainly vengeance and your hit damage should lie somewhere around 65-85k(±15k) without shred or other extra procs, which is good but nothing to be crazy about. With a good sustain setup you will however be a walking tank.

Anyway, I as a addicted paladin player would definitly recommed to try your build out and see how it works out!

Cheers mate

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Ayyy, another Vengeance enjoyer! Appreciate the write up! Lots of excellent points. I didn’t even really notice Counter Attack, that actually seems very helpful, especially with only a .2s cooldown. And a lot of the stuff you mentioned as not being too good or needed is probably because I funneled onto the vit/health which, after 4k HP probably isnt necessary.

You’re right about not having access to much crit chance. That was the hardest part in making the build work. Theres so many defensive layers that I was just trying to stack as much crit and crit multiply wherever I could. And yeah I imagine a 3 (or 4) LP Renegade won’t be easy to find, the items are just sorta a best case scenario. 27 points in Vengeace feels VERY nice! lol

I’m currently level 63 and have been following my tree, but after reading your comments I’m defintely going to remove some points for things like Counter Attack and Shield Wall etc… I’m going to keep the Dark Maw and Doom Guard I think ONLY because of the 1% crit multi per point in the tree. If it weren’t for that I probably wouldn’t care. Plus the Sustain from Dark Maw will feel nice

I’m enjoying Vengrance a lot. It does more damage than I thought it would. And it’s fun to play around with besides the typical Rive / Smite / Warpath builds. I don’t like playing the same ol cookie cutter builds that everyone copies.

Fantastic info about Vengeance.

I’m using Vengeance here in my Dual-Wield Warpath-Smite-Judgement-Fire+Ignite build (only about level 80 so far). I see a lot of Paladin builds using Volatile Reversal, and I didn’t want to run with that… Vengeance or Sigils seemed like the way to go, and I don’t enjoy managing Sigils (for boss fights). I really like that you get:

  • Mana regen by way of Time and Faith passive. This is great for some boss fights and arena waves where mana is tight.
  • 25% dmg reduction (50% for hits if we riposte)
  • Fire shred stacks, if we’re doing a mana-regen

While I leveled with a shield, I’m a bit of a hybrid currently (no block obviously) taking some damage reduction layers in favor of just pure damage or pure tank. Hoping it works out once I start doing deeper corruptions.

Current set up (need to get crit avoid blessing, otherwise I swap in leech+crit avoid body armour):

Great write up guys, just the kind of build I was looking for!

I’m trying the build, and currently level 65.

It feels kind of bad specializing into Shield Rush, as we would use it anyways.

Is there some other support abilities that would be helping? Maybe on single target?

I’m currently exploring either Javelin’s Battle Standard or some shenanigans with Warpath’s movement speed and block chance or even Rebuke. I’ll keep you posted