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Vendor Items Dissapearing

I didnt have this issue yesterday but I bought two new unique items.

Chest : something Pride

Belt: Viper belt.

Both dissapeared when I left the game and re entered although, for the belt it was replaced with a rare item? I was crafting at the time (my amulet) and it fractured so I wasnt sure if it affected the belt in some way?. Should not of from the crafting I have read , but only explanation I could come up with for why the unique viper belt became a rare.


The chest piece, I bought from a vendor, then I exited back to character menu. Came back in and no chest piece was on my character.



We’re very sorry about this. I can confirm that it happened, and it’s one of the reasons why we’ve since prevented Unique Items from being listed for sale by vendors.

Not a problem. Its an alpha.

I also noticed yesterday that I did lose two items yesterday and the item turns into an image with a large X in a black box that would of been the size of that item.

Today my character has only three items on him now from last night. 4 Items have dissappeared however the chest items are all there. There could be more of an issue? I don’t have exact steps to reproduce but my character is now naked! :slight_smile: