Various bugs with Rune of Shattering

All these issues happened in online play in a party and instance with one other player.

Runes of shattering seem to be disappearing at random from my crafting materials. I have started to store them in my stash instead as otherwise they are deleted. They seem to delete when I use other crafting options so they are possibly being consumed with and/or instead of different crafting supplies. Other bug reports show their party member using their runes of shattering instead of their own but we have confirmed that my party member does indeed use their own rune of shattering and not mine.

Using a rune of shattering can sometimes fail to shatter the item and instead display +1 rune of shattering to forge as if it was an affix shard being added. It deletes the rune of shattering when this happens. (460.8 KB) (5.5 KB)

I’ve had at least 2 of the issues you mention above happen:

  • Twice now I’ve had my Runes of Shattering disappear from my crafting materials inventory, both today. I’ll try the “store in stash” trick now, they’re a pain to get back in bulk.
  • Right after I noticed my inventory of Shattering runes had disappeared for the 2nd time today, except for one that I’d probably picked up since, that last rune failed to shatter the item as also mentioned above.