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Vale Blasting Druid 'guide'

This is a Vale Blast Druid who in Spriggan form spams Vale Blast a physical spell which costs low mana, after a few casts a Vale Spirit spawns on me and auto attacks monsters for (minion?) damage however there is a node 35% chance that will allow all my Vale Spirits to fire my Vale Blast doing potentially 8 extra casts at once - I have had up to 25 spirits at one time. Vale Blast has 100% base more damage and 400% more on the 5th cast which can do some nasty crits from the tree

The way to sustain mana is the Natures Ally node in Spriggan which refunds every 5th cast, that plus Quiet belts regen and at 2 cost its infinite, at 5 you slowly drain

I had started playing with it during the previous patch in which summoned Thorn Totems had mana restore on expiry, as this was changed I thought the build wouldnt work to how I wanted - it still works but you may need an Oracle Staff to take mana cost to 2 - I am greedy using a Sorc staff with ~30 increased leaves 5 mana per cast - at approx 85% cast speed I can sustain in longer fights

Video of clear - 90 Monolith and Timeline boss at 77

I show my gear and passives at the end

Character sheet as I forgot


Apparently I am a new user and cannot add anymore uploads my passives are in the video

Build has all the main passives done but Beastmaster dmg reduction, unsure if to bother with crit nodes, or just stack increased damage as base crit is low, can potentially roll spell crit on all gear but still will be low - 30% probably

Belt of the Quiet Forest is mandatory and rolls 11-14, ive never found a 15 and using a 14 with good rolls

Valeroot This is only used for the Vale Spirit 10% chance on cast, so with this and passives you have 10% on cast, 30% on kill and every 5th cast creates a spirit - not mandatory

Orchirian’s Petals This drops from Orchirian but I farmed multiple of them months ago and dont know how you get it now, Llama probably knows - not mandatory infact was using a set affix/cast speed Sunrise relic

2x Chance to Summon Thorn Totem on hit and Spell Damage while transformed combo or
8x Assassins Stout idol of Life (i have 7x might try soon when I get 8) or
8x Vigorous Stout Idol of Life

Rest of the gear theres 2 rolls that are imo mandatory to feel good and I still want more -
Cast speed on Staff up too 48% and the relic for approx 13-21% and rest is just set affixes, as much HP and get each resistance blessing


Ice thorns
Has approx 70% chance to autocast when im hit which can then proc Thorn Totems, this skill is just free damage and to deal with packs as I can just run into them and the spell leeches for me. 2H node to make the spell free is mandatory

Spriggan pet
Shes just a buff bot, 80% increased damage and heals. you can make her do frightening damage however you would need all minion damage jewelry and a way to proc Bleed (staff can roll poison)

Thorn totem is just used for free damage to kill trash, I tried the old poison pool node and theres some damage but the lag was too much, it can kill weak trash monsters

Spriggan Form gets damage, damage, Vale Spirit, refund node, spirit on kill. There isnt much room to move here, there is a way you can summon Vale Blast from healing totems but its too impractical but you can technically have 19 casts of raw vale blast going off at once

My feedback for EGH regarding is to allow Totems/Vale Spirits to receive the Ballista treatment and get the ‘inherits player damage’ bonus


Mad respect this is a build been playing for multiple patches. this is a nice guide explaining the build! Keep up great work <3

Also. want and catalyst with druid global crit node at top of tree. works really well getting base crit up. i sit around 59% crit chance with that combo alone. i just sacrifice top end crit dmg due to less adaptive using a good wand. but i still reach 50K + crits on dummy. im not using vale root myself with vale root would probably reach more due to more consistent procs!

This build was my first char in Last Epoch. I used a split between vale spirit+blast and heal totem with vale blast. It’s like playing a cluster arrow M6 Demon Hunter in D3.

I found out a while back that you created the unique - thanks for your contribution. Its well designed and I thought EHG made it - with the new resistance changes its a solid belt

I also have another Spriggan build which is a Hybrid Spriggan/Werebear form with Poison Vine minions and Spriggan pet loaded to do mega damage - in this video im just stacking modifiers for XP/loot

Build is simple - just summon poison vines for weaker mobs and Spriggan does major damage, when im fighting monolith bosses ie Rahyeh etc ill switch to Werebear which juices up spriggan by about 40-50% but isnt good to clear mono’s with and Healing totem if I need it does massive heals. The cooldowns of shapeshifting skills arent shared


Thank you for the compliments i spent 3 weeks working on design and ideas before i went tot he devs. they helped flesh it out with me to make it stand test of time. my 2 goals were HC viable item. useable at all stages of endgame. You make nice guides and build just happy to see another spriggan lover! as a little teaser i got a 2nd creator pack. so in the future ill be making a 2nd contribution. so hopefully i can raise the bar on my 2nd item


nice, I want to design a unique but cant really spend $1000USD on that - I already have an idea and since EGH seemed pretty accommodating with your item since it basically allows 100% uptime on Spriggan which is surprising.

I want to make an amulet for Necro that removes all sources of drain hp/damage over time from Assemble Abomination but at the cost of not being able to use other minions - it can be coded so ‘when you finish summoning Abomination all other minions die. When you summon a minion Abomination dies’ and it needs to be an amulet slot due to Death Rattle - so you have to give that up as well

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Sounds good. I also can’t get approval from management to upgrade to the creator pack. :frowning:

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that does sound like a neat idea. yeah i understand not everyone can afford it especially these times. But thankfully i dont see a release for a good while yet. so there is always time to save up!

yeah dont worry website having issues anyways. when the changed happen it cleared out almsot my entire purchase history. So im hoping after the holidays when EHG back in full action. that could get cleared up. cause i like to keep my recipes