Vaion's chariot and useless procs

Vaion’s chariot is a neat item providing a nice buff to damaging movement skills giving them a nice boost off damage at a cooldown. However, in its current state it is awkward and can get procc’d by many skills that have no use for it. For example channelled movement skills like warpath and rampage trigger it but only for one tick of their damage. It can also be triggered by movement skills that do no damage such as Teleport, Shift, Volatile reversal, etc. which is useless.

I would suggest to change the proc to: your next damaging, non-channeled movement skill deals 24-40% damage. To give the boots some QoL and reduce the redundancy.

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That’s fair, but what if you’re using Shield Rush as a damaging skill?

I’m pretty sure it is working only on first tick for Rampage and Warpath(other channeled damaging movement skills). I just tried testing Shield rush with Vaion but don’t see much damage increase at all with/without proc (don’t have a dedicated shield rush setup tho so maybe because of that).

Also just to give my experience of 3 builds that have this annoyance:

  1. Void Cleave + Warpath Void Knight, This is more of a theorycraft I was testing(my first idea with Vaion’s). Which I dropped as soon as I realised the lack of synergy.

  2. Phys Maul Werebear(Rampage clashes), buff maul with aspect of panther/vaion’s to deal better damage than pure swipe spam. It works DW Phys Werebear (Swipe+Maul) but proc getting eaten up by Rampage is annoying.

  3. Runic Invocation Runemaster, still levelling this build Runemaster, Level 73 (LE Beta 0.9.2) - Last Epoch Build Planner but Vaion’s synergizes well with Runic energy due to both requiring a cooldown and the plan is to spec it for more dmg. Using teleport for positioning bricks the Vaion proc though which is super annoying since teleport doesn’t even deal damage.

I’m using them with Flame Rush: Runemaster, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.2) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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