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Vagueness of Damned

Does the damage increase per stack or only the negative health regen? If the damage doesn’t stack, which it really doesn’t seem to, what is the point of stacking? Regen barely affects killing anything, even in lvl80+ echoes. Whats worse is that Drain Life dps outguns any supposed benefit from Damned by such a huge margin that I can’t even see what effect it has on anything , even lvl80+ echo bosses. Respec out of Damned nodes for Drain Life or not?

edit wrote spirit plague instead of drain life :\

As with everything that has no stack limit, all of it’s effects (damage & health regen) stack.

I suspect the point of those nodes in Drain Life are for the Unholy Mass node (more damage per stack of Damned).

Are you sure the dmg actually stacks? I mean, that page link doesn’t really specify anything. it just seems odd that if the base dmg is 25, why arent my multipliers working properly? I havent full on tested this, but just from what I’ve casually noticed while playing, its hitting for around 100-120 dmg per sec (which is probably 4 stacks as per the skill nodes) OR its only using 1 stack for dmg calc and then the ~400% multi from DoT on stat sheet. Its impossible to even notice the reduced health regen. And if you get over 5 stacks, does that turn it into health degen? If so, whats the base rate of degen? It seems this skill is either described terribly or doesnt work as intended.

I really haven’t tried scaling any of the mroe rare ailments in the last few patches.

I did try scaling Damned and Time Rot on different chars and came to the conclusion that there is something of with scaling. The damage increases i got from a on of investment alway didn’t seem to do much.

The secondary effects are definitely very strong and usefull to make them worthwhile and i understand that those ailments will never reach the level of damage the “pure dmg” ailments are doing.

I haven’t tested any of those lately, but last time i checked i couldn’t scale them very well.
It always felt if they are somehow buggy, since they do get slightly increased damage ,but definitely not as much as they should get.

Haven’t tested Plague yet, but Damned and Time Rot i did tested extensively a few patches ago.

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Wow, don’t think ive ever felt validated on a game forum before lol. Ill try it with a naked char on the dummy later to be sure

Yeah that’s always a good idea and if you have some results you probably should report your proccess and results as detailed as possible here.

I will try something tomorrow with my Void Knight, even if Time Rot is not the topic of this thread, i really would like to have Time Rot be a worthwhile ailment for damage.

I wanted to play a necrotic DoT Caster soon too, so i will also do some testing with Damned, since Lich has tons of support for damned, which in theory sounds really strong as a ailment.

It’s definitely not as strong and stackable as the primary ailments, even if it works correctly, but still i would like it to be worthwhile damage.

I will report my results asap

I tested on the dummy, the numbers don’t actually appear to make any sense at all. I tried an ungeared character and took all my passives out and ONLY put on staff and changed stack numbers in Drain Life. From rough base with 200% - 400% inc dmg nothing seemed to add up to what was expected, so either inc spell dmg or inc nec dmg or inc DoT dmg isn’t working with it, or a combination of the 2. Ill try again with melee hits or something and see if it makes a difference if i ever have time.

The only things that should affect Damned damage is

  • how many stacks/how frequently its applied,
  • necrotic damage,
  • DoT damage,
  • any generic damage (eg, the bonus from the Hollow Lich node),
  • the 4% inc damage per point of attribute the applying skill scales with (int in this case)
  • any generic “more” damage modifiers the skill has (ie, not “skill does more hit damage”, or “skill does more spell damage”).

Things that won’t affect it are

  • adaptive spell damage
  • spell/melee damage
  • any other sort of flat damage

If you’re looking to test how it scales, using a damage over time skill to apply it will muddy the waters quite a bit.

Edit: Also, Damned has a duration of 3s, so the base 25 damage would be dealt over 3s for 8.3 damage per sec (multiplied by any of the above). And be aware that any global damage modifers are added in to every line on the character sheet so you need to be careful tht you’re not double counting the modifiers.