Using Void Cleave immediately after a skill freezes character

Using Void Cleave immediately after another skill sometimes completely freezes my character for around 1s, not being able to move or do any other actions

I can consistently reproduce it trying to Void Cleave in-between the 3rd and 1st strike of Rive
When this happens, the animation of Void Cleave will come out without any of the visual effects associated with the skill, without doing any actual damage and without consuming any of the 2 void cleave charges.

I’ve uploaded a video of the bug in action, reproducing it three times in a row. Void Cleave freeze bug

I’ve included the client log file as well, I’ve quit the game immediately after recording the video and haven’t done any other gameplay before the recording of the video.

Player.log (78.1 KB)

I don’t think it’s a bad interaction between void cleave and rive necessarily as it sometimes happens when alternating other skills such as Erasing Strike but I cannot replicate as consistently using those skills

We are looking into a fix for this. Thanks.

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