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Using D-pad in main menu disables part of controller input

When going into the “main menu” (the one accessed by pressing start when in-game), by default the top option is selected and you can use D-pad to move said selection.

This works, until I try to move it onto “quit to desktop” then the selection disappears and I have to use my mouse/keyboard to close the menu. No controller input seems to be recognised before I do this.

Afterwards I can move around, use skills or even use right-stick to make the cursor appear/move just fine, but if I open an inventory I can’t use it at all.

I can still move/use skills, but there are no quick prompts (triggers/shoulder buttons to go to either inventory), nor can I use right-stick, it will simply not show the cursor. Seems like it’s not just visual, I never see anything highlighted when moving around with it either.

Not found a fix aside from restart.

Player.log (41.3 KB)