Upheaval Totem poor interaction with Rejuvenating Splinters

When using Rejuvenating Splinters totems hit by Upheaval are supposed to shatter (die) and release debris. This works fine when Upheaval is not a totem, but stops working when Upheaval is made into a totem.

The alt text for Rejuvenating Splinters states that “Upheaval Totems cannot be shattered this way.” It does not state that Upheaval Totems cannot cause other totems to shatter. It seems to me that the inability to shatter was applied to the Upheaval Totems’ attacks rather than the Upheaval Totems themself. This means that my Upheaval Totems are not shattering my Thorn Totems when they should be able to.

Thanks for the report!

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