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Updating Client

Ok, this feels like the dumbest question I have ever asked, but I am really confused. Some people seem to be playing with a version of the game that is different that what I have. See this for example:

I cant craft. I dont have masteries. I dont have 5 classes. etc etc etc

I have a pre-alpha version. I don’t remember where I found the client. Kickstarter backing? It is not part of my steam library.

How do I update my client?

You can link your LE account to steam which will allow you to download the latest version.

Or if you don’t like steam, you can log in to the LE site (not the forum, there’s a link in the very top right of the forum) which will allow you to download the latest version without going via steam.

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What an old version ! There is coulor too if you have a post 80’ tv :slight_smile:

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