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I must say sadly i am getting very disappointed and frustrated with the state of this game, i am so very disappointed to be equipping supposedly unique items and they all look the same as just another common item, i hit monsters and no blood comes out, there are no cool effects like blood splatter effects like the boss fight Majara no cool bloody blowing up enemies but instead they simply vanish into thin air…And lastly the combat feel, i know it has been mentioned it was getting updated but it feels like it has been so long since the last update … It wouldn’t be so bad if the character customization was a thing but the items all looking the same is bothering me too much, i hope any real update drops soon because i am on the verge of uninstalling the game again it sucks that there are no real finished online ARPG to play currently, POE and D3 are not an option they suck ass. I’m not even asking for multiplayer i just want some news on updates about every item having a model and effects to combat, when can we expect an update to the game it has been so long i wonder if anyone knows…

Hey… Welcome to the forum…

Have you read the latest dev blog beyond the headline? Virtually everything you mention is discussed either directly or indirectly based on previous dev postings. Everything from 3d models of uniques to combat effects/feel are specificially mentioned…

The only reason this update cycle has been extended (usually there is an update ever 3 months or so) is so that the devs can unify all their efforts and address a wider range of things - back & front end.

If the dev update isnt good enough for you then there isnt much anyone can say or do… sorry.


No, that’s really good thanks

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