Updated Visuals, Quality of Life, and Items | Coming in Runes of Power


Welcome Travelers to the third Pre-Patch Blog Post for Beta Patch 0.9.2 Runes of Power!

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the new Unique Items, visual improvements, and quality of life features coming in Patch 0.9.2 on September 7th. This post is going to be quite a visual feast, so make sure you have your eyeballs ready for the images ahead!

Campaign Levels Visual Updates

With the recent complete overhaul of Chapter 1, we wanted to go back through some of the mid-game areas and apply our new tech and design principles. All zones in Chapter 6, most zones in Chapter 4, and several other hand-picked zones have had significant visual upgrades made to them.

Many of these areas have had completely new assets created for them such as siege weaponry for Osprix War Camps and new soul storage devices for the Immortal Empire. Many of these items not only improve the visuals of the area, but also work to create additional immersion as each of these custom crafted items also have a purpose and intent.

These changes help us bring Eterra as a whole up to our latest standards in preparation for 1.0. Our goal with many of these changes is not just to beautify these areas, but also to help bolster the unique distinctions between both different Eras and Zones. Time travel is a core part of Last Epoch, and so it’s even more important to have distinct visual traits and variety to help reinforce the difference between the Eras. These visual updates make many of these areas feel like entirely new maps to play through.

Enemy Updates

Alongside Zones, a number of enemies are getting visual updates as well in 0.9.2. For those that keep close track of our teasers on our weekly Dev Streams, we teased this duo’s art a while back, and they’ll be two of the new Enemy Models arriving in Runes of Power!

Soul Cage

Soul Warden

Don’t be so shy you two!

Quality of Life Updates

In-game Bug Reporting

One of the most frequently requested quality of life features is a way to be able to quickly and easily report bugs and provide feedback in-game. As of September 7th, this ability will be added to the game! On the Character select screen, as well as in the main menu, you can find a new “Report a Bug” button.

When you submit any bugs or feedback through this feature, you can automatically include a screenshot of your current game view, as well as your log files, for comprehensive review. We’re quite happy to finally have this feature in players’ hands, both to make it easier and more friendly for you to report issues. We’re looking forward to receiving more info and feedback on a range of issues so we can address them more quickly and efficiently with this new tool!

Town Functionality

Earlier this week we re-enabled Town functionality live on all servers, allowing players to encounter other Travelers throughout Eterra in Towns. With this Town functionality, you’re able to connect with other players, form parties, or socialize, show off your latest legendary, and talk shop.

To make interaction in Towns a bit smoother, with Patch 0.9.2 we’re also adding the ability to right click players in Town to be able to interact with them. Using this interact menu, you can start a direct conversation, add to your friends list, send them a message, or if the need arises, block them.

New Items

Beta patch 0.9.2 Runes of Power is going to be adding twenty-one new Uniques to Eterra! With a new Mastery coming in, many of these will be aimed to support the Runemaster, however we haven’t completely forgotten other characters for this patch. Here’s a look at a few of the new Unique Items coming in just five more days! You can also find a few more Unique teasers by keeping an eye on other news such as from our Dev Streams, and videos.

More to Come

With continuing visual enhancements across all of Last Epoch, as well as improving quality of life features, we’re making our way ever closer to 1.0. While still making sure we continue to add new ways to build and theory-craft in Last Epoch with an ever-expanding roster of Unique Items. In Last Epoch, gameplay, quality of life, and visual fidelity are held in balance to continue making the game as enjoyable as possible for everyone in our great community.

Thank you for joining us for Saturday’s Pre-Patch Blog Post for Beta Patch 0.9.2 - Runes of Power, and we’ll see you all again tomorrow to talk about Rune Prisons, Experimental Items, and Experimental Crafting!


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The ele nova helmet looks cool I’m waiting for a Warpath unique we have only 1

21 is a good number keep it up :slight_smile: visuals look very good

Damn, these graphical updates (especially the soul cage) look hella sexy!

I already have the new models for Soul Warden and Soul Cage in 0.9.1. Idk when they changed or how.

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Clever of Solution? Pala block/ward build incoming ^^.

More random encounters inside Monoliths, please!! Keep up the great work! This patch is pretty hype!

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Those visual updates are just rippin’.

Very much looking forward to it! :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:

Have you heard about the Exiled Mage yet?

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Nothing but love for this team and for this game! Can’t wait to jump back!

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I have this “new” model already too for the Soul Cage and Soul Warden, I thought it was part of the previous update so I’m quite confused why I’m seeing this now. Hopefully there are more QoL in this patch, I mean, they said QoL update(((((S))))), means there are more, right??? Does that mean we’re finally getting… COUGH “auto pick up shards”?!?!?!?!?!? (Alright, time to wake up from this dream)

And seeing Crest of Unity makes me wonder if the 3 elements are cast simultaneously in a single use. Honestly this is what I hoped Elemental Nova would be. I was quite disappointed when I first used it back then and found out it’s only 1 of the 3 elements with equal (probably) chance to be used. But seeing these upcoming new updates just makes me even more hyped. Thanks EHG!

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No, I missed that, thanks for the call out. I’m checking out PerryThePig’s video on it now. I’m glad they’re adding this. I hope they add more before 1.0.


have there been any improvements to coop stability? Every 10 min we get server connection lost.

I am scared about fog, water and Godrays being added to some areas…hope the performance can keep up, we need FPS more than some graphic prettiness.

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pog :slight_smile: ty for the 1st batch excited to login on the 7th!

Imagine warpath unique that make the cost equals 0 regardless of the passives… That would be chase unique for many for sure

If you don’t have Ele Nova spec’d then you do get all 3 elements cast at the same time. It’s only when you chose one (or more) of the 3 nodes that enable the specific elemental novae that it starts to choose which element to cast one at a time (from memory).

They’ve been quite clear on their view on that.