Updated Shaman Freeze Build (190+)

Current #1 Shaman (Updated AutoCast Build, New Gear, Freeze Build)

Hello mate,

I really enjoy your guides; hats off :smiley:

I have a question though - how do I level this spec? Now at clvl 20 I just put all in totem and its working just fine.

But I could really appreciate a few tips on levelling skills.


You can level the character how ever you want. As primalist i usually always level the char to 60 as beastmaster (meaning i use just companions. I dont take the mastery) and then respec later.

Ok, so I just take Shaman but I use pets.

Any other possibilities? Would it be viable to use Tornado and Avalanche + Totems?

Thak you for taking the time to answer !


Hey Boardman21,

Really like this build. Using two parts of the Halvar set works good for me (still searching for the third :))

Got mana regen at 15 now, which also works with the autocast, but finding those afixes are really rare. Got any tips for grinding those?

Spend lots of gold in the gambler and shatter em down

Yeah you can throw in totems and companions. Ice thorns would probly be the first skill i drop

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“Ice thorns would probly be the first skill i drop” - drop you mean get rid of and take another skill?

Yeah for leveling up i was saying you can use pets. And use avalanche


I am trying out this build of yours and I have my mana regen actually at 19 one more than you do in your video however I am still running out of mana (going into the negative). What am I missing or doing wrong? Basically a total of 64% mana regen across all my gear not including the mana regen we are getting from the various passive and skill trees.

Did you take the 4 points of mana efficiency in both avalanche and mealstrom? Also dont take cd points in tornado so it will cast slower this saves mana. The biggest thing is ice thorns free? Make sure ice thorns is free this is done by using a 2h and takimg the node on top thats free with 2h. If ice thorns isnt free thats at least 2 mana/s problem and you will never stay full


I do have 4 points of mana efficiency in avalanche but only 3 points in malstrom. Your video also only shows 3 points in Malstrom (i.e. Calm). Ice thorns is free because I am using a 2h staff and have the 1 point in that skill as well.


I have a mana pool of 98 one less than you do in the video.

So here is my mana cost / time for each skill currently:

  • Avalance 58 mana / 8 secs
  • Malestrom 19 mana / 2 secs
  • Tornado 14 mana / 4 secs
  • Ice Thorns 0 mana / 1 sec
  • Thorn Totem 29 mana

Hmm I’m not sure then you should be good. All I can recommend is maybe drop tornado and see if that fixes the problem

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