Updated game guides for mechanics and crafting?

Hello all,

I have time to play again after a long hiatus and many things changed like the collapse of the church of Orobyss and crafting. I’ve also forgotten how most of the mechanics work and I’m looking for updated guides but I’m not sure what’s outdated.

Could someone please link me to any and all relevant guides for this new crafting system, mechanics, etc (I see people talking about something called corruption, stability and apparently legendaries are here).

Thanks in advance

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Could someone also define the approximate level/location/areas/requirements for the concepts of:

early game
early endgame
mid endgame
late endgame

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Excellent guides:

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Checking these out now, thanks

This is probably hard to define and every member would say something different.
For me early game is story leveling (chapter 1 to 7). I say 1 to 7 because you can skip the last 2 chapters since you are only getting 1 more passive and +1 to all attributes i guess, which you can do later. But you can have all idol slots and passive points after completing chapter 7. Character level is between 1-50 for me there.

Midgame for me are all normal monolith timelines and arena wave 1 to 100. Character level is around 50 to 75/80. Also the new dungeon system (tier 1,2 and 3) i would consider midgame.

Early/mid endgame is completing all empowered timelines and already pushing abit of corruption for each timeline around 150-200. Arena 100-200.

Late endgame for me is beating T4 Dungeon boss, high corruption pushing (300+) and arena pushing (everything 250/300+)


Thanks, I figured it would be a bit weird with what i knew of the game so far…watching the videos, hopefully mcfluffin goes over dungeons because I have no idea what those are, I saw a keybind for them though

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You run around murdering all the mobs (like usual), using the D key to get around blockages, choose one of the two doors on each level then get your arse handed to you by Julra & come on here/discord to complain that it’s too difficult because you forgot to use the D key to avoid all the bad things.

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My gut tells me your explanation isn’t wrong but at the same time there are probably people who will see your explanation and curse you from behind the safety of their screens

They are legion.

You can also access the in-game Game Guide (G key by default) while playing LE, or visit the Community Game Guide for the same resource outside of the game, though it offers additional and expanded information not found in the in-game version. I recently finished updating it with all changes made in patch 0.8.4.

Dammitt also added the in-game Game Guide resource to his LastEpochTools website with some additional information relating to Ailments, Timelines, and Dungeons.

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