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[Updated 04/07] Recent forum changes

Recently [color color=#ffffff]we’ve been getting some feedback[/color] about the forum, so we’ve been trying to work on it in between other commitments. We’ve just pushed the first wave of improvements live.

Please note that all new systems are currently in beta.

The features we have integrated into the forum recently are;

  • Forum sections now show the last poster for each thread.
  • It is now possible to mark threads as Favourites.
  • It is now possible to Subscribe to threads.
  • It is now possible to Subscribe to forum sections.
  • We have added a Private Message system.
Unfortunately we don't yet have e-mail notifications implemented, so the Subscription functionality is currently limited - Beta™ - however we plan on continuing to work on these additions whenever we have the time to do so. We'd love to know what you like, what you dislike, and any other features you might be interested in.

You can find the list of threads you have Favourited or Subscribed to at your profile. The PM functionality is currently located in the top-right corner, near the option to Log Out. The links for adding a thread to your list of Favourites or Subscribed threads are located just above the first post. To subscribe to a forum section, you should find a bright orange button - expect that to change! - just above the button for creating a new thread.


Cool, the forum needed some love, and still needs, but it’s a good first step.

Would be nice if forum badges can be displayed on mobile site and/or we can access desktop version from mobile.

Thanks guys!

Made a note of what you’ve said. Great time for website feedback atm.

As noted on Discord, the website should now be faster due to us removing the Discord widget. The number of avatars it contained adversely impacted loading times.

Forgot to metion earlier - pls also allow us to edit timezone for timestamp on posts.

By the way, if I have more feedback should I write a new post or edit my original?

On the list! It’s an American timezone and I’m in Europe - I share your pain.


New post, please.

Some of the other feedback (much of it my own) regarding the forum pertains to the limitations on its ability to convey information. I’ve no way of being notified that a post has been edited. New posts are far more visible, which makes it much easier to keep track of them. I do generally pull feedback from the forum and compile it internally, which is one reason why edits can be inconvenient - rather than being missed in a first pass, they’re more likely to just slip through the cracks because I’ve seen a post and don’t expect to need to re-read it.

Apologies if that’s poorly explained - it’s early and I’m currently working through my first coffee of the day. The tl;dr is that new posts are definitely appreciated.

We continue to make improvements to the forum.

Here are the latest changes;

  • Added a link to PM the authors of forum posts.
  • Added a more user-friendly way to upload & embed images in forum posts.
  • A blue tint is now applied to the background of responses from EHG.
  • Posts now display the author's number of Threads and Replies (previously just posts).
  • Made a few miscellaneous style tweaks (such as to signatures).
  • Various miscellaneous bug fixes targeting Internet Explorer.

The avatar seems to cut into the post now.

Send message link seems to overlap with other text.


Please post any forum bugs you notice in the following sticky thread;

[color color=#ffffff]List of known forum bugs – please post forum bugs in this thread![/color]

It would help a lot if you mention whether you are using a phone or tablet when reporting a bug, as otherwise it may be more difficult for us to reproduce an issue.

Oops. Sorry. Will stick to design issues in this thread. I assume there is no need to repost what I had already attached here?


I am using an iPhone X on Safari.

Please don’t apologise - you actually submitted those before I had finished writing the thread. Sorry if it seemed like a curt response; I had the tab open ready to post the link and hadn’t seen your bug reports until I’d done so. There’s no need to post them again, and thank you for taking the time to bring them to our attention!

We have finished implementing and testing Report functionality.

Apologies for not getting this in sooner!

Thanks for working hard on the forum experience, Sarno. Very much appreciated!

To be honest a lot of the work has been by Judd.

But I have been working on it, too - so I’m happy to steal all the credit! :slight_smile:

We continue to make changes to improve your experience on the forum.

The most recent adjustments include;

  • We have run an improved version of the script and all KickStarter backers who registered an account on our website should now have their title, even if they used different e-mail addresses for each account. A small number of people who made multiple purchases may need to have their badges adjusted manually - please visit [the support site]( and we will be happy to assist you.
  • The forum should now make better use of widescreen monitors.
  • Forum badges are now larger on big monitors (P2W confirmed).
  • Improved the forum's appearance on high resolution monitors.
  • The blue background tint has been removed from EHG posts.
  • Our company logo is now displayed on EHG posts.
  • EHG posters now have a snazzy blue frame around their avatar.
  • Forum posts may now have slightly improved readability.
  • Post controls (e.g. Vote Up, Report) are now hidden unless moused-over.
  • The Send a Message link has been removed from forum posts.
    • We are aware that it currently still displays next to my posts.
    • It is possible we will temporarily remove the PM system.

A sincere thank you to everyone who has offered feedback on our website.

Thanks for the continued improvements. I think it is really useful to continue enhancing QOL on the forums as we gear for Alpha.

By the way, is it me or there is no way to move up to the forum subsection from a thread on mobile?

Sorry about that!

Could you please check again and let us know whether you see the breadcrumbs now?

Yup. Working great now.