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Update Water Shrine Effect

Morning, all - as someone who plays pretty frequently with “builder/spender type” builds, I had a couple ideas to help make the Water Shrine feel better across multiple build types.

  1. Update the basic effect from “100% increased Mana Regeneration” to instead be “100% Increased Mana Recovery” - allow builds that get their mana recovery from sources other than Regeneration to still emphasize the utility of a Water Shrine.

  2. The increased Cooldown Recovery is awesome - it allows for builds that big skills to do so more quickly - which is part of why alternate Mana Recovery becomes so important for those builds.

  3. Add Increased Mana Cost to skills - whether that works best as a Flat Cost, or Increased Cost, is best left for people that do actual balance - as the tide comes in, the tide also goes out.

Builds that don’t rely on cooldowns often rely on mana as their limiting factor - usually benefiting from either spending more of it, or having more of it - so updating the feel for them is also important. While some of this is accomplished by the Haste Shrine (allowing mana-focused builds to dump their mana killing everything on the screen) the Haste Shrine feels more self-sacrificial. It doesn’t care about your costs, just about doing things as fast as possible. (An aside, I wouldn’t mind Haste Shrine being renamed Air Shrine - matching the theme of Water Shrine; and then we open up an “Earth Shrine” for something to do with outlasting/withstanding/enduring)

If you’re increasing the regen rate (or recovery or whatever), why then also increase the cost? You would get the same effect (with the 1 exception for builds that have a % bonus based on the mana cost, though those are very few & far between) by just giving a smaller bonus.

I can see arguments both ways - in my head, the Haste Shrine is for speed-based builds where the Water Shrine would be an augment to power - right now, there’s not a lot differentiating them for builder-spenders. For builds that are waiting on mana to do their thing, Water Shrines are clearly better, and builds where you’re never waiting on mana far prefer Haste Shrines, but differentiating the overlap would still feel good.

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