[Update] Queue System Bypass - Patch Update

Hello there!

We are pushing an update that will bypass the queue system to get you all into Multiplayer. If you are battling the queue then restart Steam and download the (tiny) patch.

See you in Eterra!


While I now have no issues connecting and getting into my character selection. I cannot connect to the game. I have tried now for 4 total hours of trying to connect and not once been able to get in game. I get a loading “Connecting” box then eventually goes away and does nothing. So since the update I have not been able to play.

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I get the exact same thing. Get to the character screen, select enter game then get the “connecting” box. After a little while, the connecting box goes away and I’m back at the character screen.

i am still stuck in a steam log in loop, cant even migrate. extremely frustrating

Same for me, “connecting” box on character screen, and i was able to play before patch.

My game can’t be logged in. It always shows le-51 an unknow error occurred.and offline is can’t run.

Same thing as most of the people above or some variation. Currently it is "You lost connection to the game server. With the button Main Menu to go back and start over to start the Online Enter Game circle again.
You need to fix this. I’ve had this game almost since the beginning.

As an update following all the technical support options, after doing everything including updating all my driver’s I was able to get in and continue to do so. multiplayer even works.

I think bypassing the queue is causing some serious server issues in certain locations (US Central, here). My ping is great early morning, but is becomes erratic as the server is mobbed mid-morning…and at night the rubber banding is in full effect, with ping spiking up to 5,000ms lag sometimes (in the morning it is 42-49ms). Also, the ping bar may have a bug, where you think you are at low ping, but it is really spiking hard. If I start the rubber band dance, teleporting all over the place, and then just stand there for a bit, eventually it will show my real ping. If I enter combat (even with the delay/rubber banding persisting) then BOOM, it pops back to green when there is clearly an issue. The US in general, and US Central especially, needs better server capacities. No queue means crazy server load.


So when does the fix for the queue fix drop. Haven’t been able to play since you “fixed” the queue. Goes to character selection and never connects.