[Update] Offline Mode Available & Online Play Improvements

Hello there!

As of 2023-03-10T20:01:00Z

We are now seeing improvements for online login and Matchmaking and we are continuing to improve online login success with further fixes. Offline Play should now be available for everyone.

Thank you for your patience and we will provide another update as soon as we have one available.


Hey EHG, do you know if the EU servers queue times are moving at all and just not updating the number, currently at 18,171 in the queue but hasn’t moved at all! Thanks!

I’m pretty sure the number does not count down.
It just shows the position in which you entered the queue.

Thank you, I thought it may be something like that, but wasn’t sure if it was just broken or was worth just staying in the queue with the hope I get a spot! : )

Yesterday I was queued, so was watching YouTube on my other monitor. The number never counted down, but I eventually got in. Hopefully you get in!

Yeah, that’s the plan, just chilling watching the LCS. Thank you, fingers crossed!

For the love of god ppl at least make it count down!

Ignore the queue number it’s wrong, just leave it 5-10 minutes if your not in leave the queue and re-join, as they fix the issues this should jump you in.

Took me about 30 minutes but I’m in now.

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Did that yesterday… It jumped me from 6777 to 15789… not gonna try it again :slight_smile:

Yeah as I said the queue number’s are incorrect, there isn’t even at Queue at least on EU, mine was over 16k and I got in after leaving queue and restarting Steam.

So this worked for me, was in the queue for over an hour at 18k, exited, closed steam and restarted and I am in now.

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WHY did the above work. I’ve been waiting for 2 hours approx, going from 7900 to 9700 after a restart, and then jumped to 17k.
So what the heck right, lets try the above, what can go wrong. AND BEHOLD, we are in.

Might be something else to fix huh? :wink:

Offline Play WAS available for me the last 18 months - and all my chars are purely offline-found…

Since three days, however, i have no chance at all to enter offline-game - the menu-button in the char-selection screens responds for half a sec, then turns back purple-grey - and that’s it…

A ticket has already been opened (answer pending)… this is really annoying, as i personally like the “pure offline” mode WAY more tthan online-gameplay…

Please fix SP-functionality in offline-mode!