[Update] Matchmaking Issues - Delayed Login or Online Play Unavailable

Hello there!

There are some issues related to Matchmaking going on right now that is causing both delays to being able to login or resulting in players getting the ‘Online Play Unavailable’. Our internal team is hard at work with the server providers to come to a solution.

We believe we are on the right path to finding a solution and will keep you all updated.

Update - Matchmaking Issue - Update

Hey everyone, quick update here.

We are working internally on two different solutions in parallel. First, a partial-solution that will improve matchmaking success rate. Second we are working with our service providers to address what we believe to be the root cause of our issues that is inhibiting matchmaking.

We are overwhelmed with the surge of excitement today, and thank you for your continued patience as we fix the issue effecting player connectivity. We are working hard to get you online as quickly as possible.


Not even considering the online features being put on hold for a few minutes/hours, the game itself just looks and feels so freaking good.

I’ve more about doubled my fps in monoliths on a necromancer build from between 30-70 to now not dropping under 110 pretty much consistently.

As a mostly offline/SSF player anyways, I see this as an absolute win.


Good luck!

Does offline player affected ? Cause the save is now on steam cloud no ?

Are we able to play offline with online char ?

Can we switch online char to offline char defintly ifbwe cant switch easily from online to offline ?

I don’t believe there’s currently a way to switch.

No you can’t play online with your offline characters, but when logging into the client there’s an Offline option below the online one, just use that for now if you want to goof around.

Or just wait for the online servers to work, they’ll let everyone know when soon I imagine.

No problems, it’s a big leap forward, it’s normal that things don’t go as planned.
Good luck to you all !

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Hello, I still cannot play despite my friends playing for 2 hours now. Are you still working on something ?
Thank you in advance.

Edit : I just got into the game… For 1 and a half second. I could move and then back into the loading screen.

Edit : I’m in !

hola se sabe para cuando se podra entrar…??? desde las 18 asta las 21…son muchas horas…gracias

I am still unable to log in and i believe that i am also unable to contact support because the page returns a 404 error

stuck in same place in que for over an hour. Please help EHG