Upcoming Bugfix to Bone Curse (Illusion of Pain)

Hello Travelers,

We’re providing notice today for an upcoming bugfix regarding an interaction with Chaos Bolts being able to refresh Bone Curse with the “Illusion of Pain” node allocated.

Illusion of Pain causes Bone Curse to always crit, and deal 150% more damage, with the limitation of only lasting for one hit. Chaos Bolts has the ability to refresh curses with the “Cursed Blood” node, however as the Bone Curse only lasts one hit, once the hit occurs there shouldn’t be a Bone Curse to refresh.

We are currently planning to release this bug fix next week.


While I understand why this needs to be fixed… there are soooo many broken passives and skill interactions for Lich and Warlock that haven’t been fixed… can we fix these as well?


Would need to define “broken” more clearly and specifically. Are we talking “powerful broken”, “non-functional broken”, or “It shouldn’t be that good, it’s broken”?

If it is powerful broken, it comes down to whether it is intended interaction or not. As an example, the one they are fixing is an unintended interaction, that is not behaving as it should.

If it is a “non-functional broken” one, those may more likely be waiting until v1.1, with a BIG balance shift for many classes and masteries.

If it’s the third, that is subjective opinion, and may not be one the devs share.

Additionally, I doubt they will bring attention to any of these being fixed until they have the fix ready. So there might be dozens they have on their plate, working to find the solution, to be fixed. This is a small team, that is working to not only fix bugs, but also work on class balance (greatly needed), content additions for the next major patch, and more. This is them fixing egregious, outlying, problems, that give a boost of power that should not be present.

I don’t understand why everyone agree with the “wait for the next cycle” philosophy
The game is in a poor state and build diversity is terribly low and all they do for mid patch is just not impactful bugfix? one per week?
I know it’s a small team but some bugs have been reported since a long long time, and the more i test the more i see bug everwhere.
At this point i’m 100% sure a lot of things will remain broken in 1.1, it’s sad


Same here. I also want them to fix OP builds mid-cycle, not to ruin the fun of those using OP builds, but to make sure that the skill balance will become is more or less okay within couple of cycles. If they stick to “only 1 balancing patch per cycle”, that might take couple of years at best. Cause they will most likely update old skills / masteries, add new skills or at least items, and more broken builds will arise than they can fix.
Hope I’m wrong, at least there are a lot less degrees of freedom in abilities, than in PoE.

Not saying I agree with it either. Honestly, given that there is no Cycle mechanic, I’d agree that just fixing more regularly would be better. But we do not know how they are operating internally as to how to handle things.

Once there is proper seasonal Cycle mechanics and such, then I could entirely understand more on holding off on as much for balance changes. It is how all ARPGs generally seem to work (hell, even WoW operates that way for the most part, with no large mechanical changes until a major patch).

Maybe a community post of what is their overall view and direction may be needed, as we are past the 2 month mark now since v1.0, and coming closer to 3, and there is no synopsis of the Dev Live Streams they do anywhere readily available. I’d personally like to read something from a live stream, then have to watch through a couple hours worth of footage.

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The main reason this policy is in place is because, if you want to make meaningful balance changes, things need to be studied, designed, implemented and tested properly. And that takes time. Mid-cycle changes are usually just bandaids that don’t really address balance issues.
I agree that the way LE is right now, they should just balance stuff when they can, but I understand that it might take some time to do this for each mastery.

This, however, is just plain false. Build diversity is as high as ever. It’s just that only a few builds reach 2k+. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still dozens of other fun builds to play.
And since no build should ever reach 1k+, as mentioned by Mike on his streams, you can expect those builds to be nerfed at 1.1 anyway.

It’s quite likely. Class balance is a complicated issue and it takes some time to fix it properly. PoE’s balance was all over the place for a few years until they managed to tighten it a little more.

Indeed i prefer reading too and i agree with your pov, but it’s look like there’s no community manager or something like that, and we know dev are not really good at this.

I agree that the balance is off but why do you think build diversity is terribly low?

I feel like, if all you want to play are the very best builds, this is a self-inflicted problem.

And people who only want to play the strongest builds will typically flock to one of the few strongest builds anyway, no matter how diverse the builds are.

So the complaint just sounds like, “there are only 3 builds in the top 3 builds in the game pls fix”


Keep the fixes coming. I know some take less time than others. Keep knocking out the quickies :wink:

Detonate dead sends its regards. Their balance is as bad as ever, and I heard on one stream that DD hasn’t been nerfed for several leagues now, and this league they instead nerfed Boneshatter. I guess melee getting a middle finger is a trend in ARPGs.


GGG at least made the DD from mobs more easy spot. I don’t know why they would nerf bone shatter since it’s the go-to skill for melee builds. I think TS is pretty unscathed from nerfs as well?

You answered your own question already.

Tornado shot? They nerfed it from what a couple of youtube videos suggest.

coming from POE, temp leagues were always a place for the devs to test and rebalance the game.

typically things get patched out mid league a lot. but significant bugs/exploits tend to get patched out faster.

dont wait too long to fix game breaking stuff. tho i do appreciate the transparency by acknowledging the issue.