Upcoming bug-fix to Ballista

Please concentrate on fixing bugs that are making builds under perform or not work at all before you target things people like. It’s crazy how many bugs are making builds worse or non functional and yet all I see are fixes for ones that work better than intended in a game that’s PvE.

I’m not arguing that OP builds should be nerfed. I’m arguing that exploding ballistas is still very much OP/strong/whatever and this nerf isn’t really of any consequence. It’s still fun to play.

Please make Aura of decay more visible
I cant see 8f mobs are in range or not.
Thambs u for the fixes u have done so far!

I agree, i would prefer to see some up for underperfoming skills or reworking unique.
I mean, sure it’s a good idea to fix bug but i prefer when our fun is the priority

So I was curious, and analyzed the posts in this thread, to see where the “vocal minority” truly was.

There were 151 unique posters, with 86 supporting the fix (57%), 52 opposed (34%), and 13 neutral (9%). I obviously made judgement calls but where relevant I leaned towards negative to attempt to counteract my own biases. For example I counted Adocus as neutral though I suspect they support the fix, and counted Ghostlight as opposed despite the disclaimer that they didn’t really care, since the overall sentiment still seemed more in line with those who opposed it.

Those in favor were more likely to have post counts of 20+ with HorusKBZ (37), LividLegends (30), BingoRLY (28), D4rw1n1s7 (23) all above that mark and Folks only 1 off at 19. In total 311 posts were made by those in favor with an average of 3.61 posts per person.

Those opposed made more posts per person on average with 5.288 and 275 total posts, but those numbers are heavily skewed by T3SH posting 132 times. The second highest post count of those opposed was Forever9801 with 13 for comparison.

Adocus was the highest post count of those I could not comfortably assign a position with 4 posts, all told there were 18 posts by those who were deemed neutral for 1.38 posts per person on average.

Why do all this? Just for perspective I suppose. All told we’re only looking at the opinions of 151 people of the entirety of those playing the game. In general, players do indeed support the fix, as would be expected based on the survey results. But those opposed represent more than just a handful, it’s roughly 1/3 of those who expressed an opinion overall and 52 people in total. The perception that it’s just a few people upset is largely driven by confirmation bias and of course T3SH accounting for literally half of all posts from those opposed to the fix. Meanwhile the perception that most people don’t want the fix and it’s just a vocal minority who expressed a desire for this isn’t borne out by the statistics, just the opposite in fact, it’s a relatively speaking more silent majority.

And frankly it didn’t take long to do. It only took a few words of reading to validate someone’s opinion hadn’t changed or establish what their opinion was in most cases, the vast majority of posts I skimmed at most. After all, as expected, after 605 posts the number of posters where their opinion changed and I had to make a decision as to whether to move them over to the other side or split their posts or something was exactly 0. Hundreds of posts, tens of thousands of words spilled, and absolutely no one’s mind was changed.

Which I think is the biggest takeaway. It’s cool to note that folks perceptions tend to warp how they view those who disagree with them and they tend to reflexively minimize the count or scope of disagreement (on both sides of even a trivial issue like this), but far more importantly, once you’ve expressed your opinion arguing with those who disagree with you is always a total waste of breath. Do it if you find it fun but no one’s mind will ever be changed by someone on the internet.

Oh, and as to my own opinion? Yeah, bug fixes are good things. No, not everything can be classified as a bug, if it’s something where the thing does not work as described it’s a bug, and otherwise it’s not, you can’t magically make anything you want into a bug. And yes, geometry is real and has actual meaning, it’s not some fictional concept or nebulous thing where it can be whatever you want it to be and can be “made up” arbitrarily. I wouldn’t expect any of those to be controversial stances, but here we are.

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