Unreponsive key presses

So i’ve noticed a few issues whilst playing my disintegrate rune master, and wondered if any one else has come across this.

Often, I’m holding on my right mouse button to channel disintegrate and it simply stops. Sometimes it seems to get glitchy for a moment and doesn’t re-cast, even after I release the mouse button and re-press it. This only happens occasionally, but can be enough to get the character killed.

I have another channelled skill (Focus) and it doesn’t happen with that, but its bound to the keyboard, not the mouse, not sure if thats relevant.

Secondly, trying to cast flame ward almost always fails first time. I press the button to cast it, and you can see the button on the UI ‘grey out’ as if its been pressed, but then it immediately goes back to its normal state and I have to press it again to actually cast it. Then you start to see the cooldown animation and the spell is actually cast. I’m not sure if this only happens if I am channelling disintegrate at the same time, but I don’t think so.

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Combat Mechanics → Stun

Stunned enemies and players cannot move or use skills. Stun has a base duration of 0.4 seconds.

All hits have a chance to stun if they deal enough damage. Hits that deal more damage are more likely to stun, but enemies that have higher maximum health are harder to stun.

The Increased Stun Chance stat also makes hits more likely to stun, while the target’s Stun Avoidance stat makes it harder to stun.

The stun chance of any hit can be calculated starting this formula:

When calculating stun chance using the formula above, melee damage dealt by players is multiplied by 3, and other damage dealt by players is multiplied by 2.

Due to the formula above, at 0% increased stun chance and 0 stun avoidance, non-player hits must deal more damage than 5% of a target’s maximum health to have a chance to stun them. Every 100 stun avoidance raises this threshold by 1%. This threshold is reduced by increased stun chance, and by the player bonuses described above.

Pretty sure you’re immune to hit-stun when channeling. Either way, I am also having this issue on some of my toons, and it is absolutely not hit-stun that’s causing it.

EDIT: I have been trying to figure out what it is. It might have something to do with enemies moving, because I cannot seem to get it to happen when I attack dummies. It only seems to happen if I am turreting in-place, and am targeting enemies that are moving around. Or maybe it’s caused by some interaction that only happens when there’s multiple enemies? I don’t know. Only thing I know for certain is that it happens SUPER consistently when I’m playing like normal, but I cannot get it to happen attacking dummies.

I have noticed it happening on both a melee character and a ranged character (bear druid and spriggan shaman, respectively) which made me think perhaps it was transformation related because I have not noticed it on my lock; however, I do not turret on my lock like I currently do on my spriggan and bear. Assuming OP is having the same issue (and it sounds like they are) transformations are obviously not the problem.

With that said, it was happening so frequently on my spriggan that I have completely sworn off that character for now because it was absolutely unplayable.

EDIT 2: Replaying my Spriggan to try and isolate the problem, and am not experiencing the issue right now, despite playing through the same area using the same skills and what-not. Maybe relaunching the game fixes the problem? Or maybe it’s a window-focus issue? I think that’s unlikely, though, because when it happened my character would follow my cursor, spinning around as I rotated around them, they just wouldn’t attack.

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So my first issue was my own fault. I’d specced flame ward to have an extra charge, so the first press doesn’t trigger the cooldown animation… My Bad.

As for the channelling issue, I’m pretty sure its not because of stuns, but I can’t be certain. I’ll see if I can isolate it further.

I’m just going to chime in here and say I, too, have noticed this on my Forge Guard.

The number of times Forge Strike either doesn’t activate or completely misses the target despite the location of my mouse / enemy is ridiculous at this point. I’ve kind of gotten used to it now, that’s how often it happens.

Yesterday, I ended up dying in a Monolith because I tried to Shield Throw an enemy and it did not activate and I got sniped. I was not stunned, had plenty of mana, and Shield Throw was not on cooldown.

(Also, can I just take a moment to say that we should have a debuff icon for stunned; it’s near impossible to see when this happens when you’re surrounded by enemies.)

This issue also seems to extend, infuriatingly, to picking up items. A good 50% of the time when I click an item tag to pick it up, nothing happens. It’s most prevalent when tag is far away from where my character is, but it is definitely not a “mis-click”.

Even the UI has issues with mouse click-throughs. For example, if I change the game volume, my character may start moving in the direction of the slider.