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Unoptimized area

  1. At the time the portal and npcs were summoned, the video card load reached 94%, and the temperature rose to 72+ degrees (at a normal load of 50% and a temperature of 52 degrees) at high graphics settings. There are too many effects in this area when summoning portal and npcs. Most likely, on low graphics settings the slump will be the same.
  2. Also tested another one. It turns out that you need to put a check mark on the FPS limit (even on low settings). The difference has become more than 2 times. Look at the graph. Before I ticked it, it was hitting 94% of the video card, ticked it and the figures dropped to normal. RTX 2060 6 Gb. People say it only works on RTX graphics cards.

This is very important for the current version of LE. It doesnt matter what GPU you are using, you must limit LE from being able to max out your GPU (i.e. 90%+) … If you do not do this, then you WILL experience issues like you have described… you may even experience a higher incidence of FPS spikes, game freezes for a second or two and full crashes to desktop.

Even faster hardware will experience the issues, its just that they present at much higher settings than more average/general hardware.

The key is to find a balance between resolution, visual quality/features and fps that is stable on your system/setup. Because LE is generally unoptimised right now (0.8.5f), it is important to understand this. There are situations (lots of mobs, lots of minions, everything proc’ing skills) and locations (maps and map transitions) where this lack of optimisation is very obvious.

From helping out on the forums for a while now, the best rule of thumb is to use settings to get the GPU usage at around 60% while standing still in town (e.g. End of Time) and not using any skills… This seems to give the GPU enough headroom to spike up when the game demands more of it, but also prevent the game from trying to overload it.

Obviously all of this could change with the next patch - the devs have finally commited to performance improvements and have even shown improvements to skills & map locations to this end… I dont expect it to be a silver bullet in a single upcoming patch, but I expect there will be incremental improvements between now and version 1.