Unlocking the new faction on alts

has anyone been able to unlock the new faction on their alts? I did the last 3 timelines and it didn’t unlock on my alt.

I’m guessing you’re in legacy, so it’s still locked. Should be unlocked tomorrow now that someone beat it in cycle.

not the boss the new faction forgotten knights

It’s the same thing. The boss and the harbingers are all part of the new faction. It’s locked until tomorrow in legacy.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet this is my runemaster that is on legacy with level 10 forgotten knights. and now I am currently trying to unlock it on an alt.

I haven’t managed to unlock them yet with any, I was assuming it was simply because it was still cycle exclusive.
I stand corrected in that case.

thank you for your time have a good day <3

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I killed a couple on my first character and couldn’t find any or unlock the faction at all on alts either. Also the alt shows a quest marker on all the timelines with Harbingers remaining to be killed which makes me think it’s a bug.

It seems you can work around this issue by replaying one of the non-empowered level 90 timeline bosses. It will also count for faction progress even though it doesn’t have the required corruption.

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Can confirm this does work thank you friend

Also a warning don’t use a glyph of envy it only gives stability to the empowered timelines at the moment