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Unlimited Spell Power (BUild)

With Enough Patience Comes Unlimited Power :slight_smile:

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I can just imagine the team seeing this and contemplating whether this is how they envisioned this skill would be used one day. Working as intended? Yeah…yeah…of course it is. Pssss…team…get those patch notes ready. :laughing:

Hey Boardman21, thanks for this build , think I tried like 10 builds or so you posted. Keep up the good work and inventing new builds. Quite hard to level this build, but I got all skills on 20. For some reason I keep losing arcane ascendance after a few waves. I only cast enchant weapon on auto and manastrike manually. But after 10 or 15 waves suddenly the Arcane asc. is gone. Any idea how comes? Its not a mana issue, kept an eye on it.

Kept it charging for a night btw, 123k increased spell damage :slight_smile:

it shouldnt be dissapearing if thats all your using. No teleport or flame ward right?

yes i sometimes use teleport, so that will be it. But most of the times AA keeps up. Maybe 1 out of 20 it disappears.

… this build…
well it can be really powerfull… but why on earth would anyone play such an immobile (only good for arena) build >_>
If only they’d make a unique that allows you to move.
I am surprised that you keep the skill active while changing (loading) zones.
I’m guessing this will be fixed in the future as i seriously doubt this is intended XD.

well it dissapears after 4 spells used. so if you keep teleporting its going to dissapear every 4th one… stop teleporting! lol

Hehe should read the nodes in stead of blindly copying them. Was confused, cause in “the end of time” for example do i use it all the time to move and here it does not stops after 4 casts.

i’m probably mentally challenged, but how are you proccing lightning blast on your “meelee hits” ?

I am using mana storm node in mana strike so every time I use mana strike I hit enemies with lightning. Now with static I gain charges when i move or when I use melee skill. Since I cant move i make mana strike ranged. Now when i use it I gain static charges. After 80 charges static will auto use lightning blast and consume some charges.

Enchant weapon will also use lightning blast while active

Wow, I’m gonna try this build out!

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