Unknown duplication glitch

Sorry, I wasn’t really paying close attention, just running echo after echo. Noticed this as I started vendor trashing.

At some point I accidentally equipped a ring in my inventory, and quickly corrected it by equipping my original ring again. I believe this somehow duplicated the ring in question.

The ring is a (crappily) crafted thing, and the forging potential is identical so I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.

Hopefully my session is logged so you can figure out what happened. I’ll throw the duped item in my stash tab 1 rather than selling in case there’s some item-specific information you can check.



I logged off and back in after a few hours, and while the ring in my stash is still there, the ring I had equipped was a ring I didn’t recognize.

I’m not entirely certain what happened? Apparently for some reason it ended up duplicating not the item itself, but rather the data it was feeding me as to what the item was.

Either way…still a bug.

I somehow managed to dupe my equipped ring. Dropped a nice ruby ring with 40 crafting potential, tried to seal health affix but instead got a copy of my equipped ring in left slot. How is even possible? They near 1.0 release with trading system…

It’s probably a visual glitch. Happened a few times to me too. Just relog. It makes another item appear like yours. And if you sell one, 50/50 you sold the real one.

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