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Unity Issues

Every Single time, I try to launch the game through Steam when a window pops up with Unity 2019.4.23f1_3f4e01f1a5ec then crashes. I don’t know if my computer needs a program or my computer is out of date? I would very much like to know so if I need to request a refund.

Welcome to the forums. Things that can help others help you is if you post a dxdiag file. Other things you can try are logging in through the website (if you managed to make and link account) and try the standalone client. Other immediate thoughts are Crash after selecting character this person had a similar yet different problem (same error code at a different time) that he fixed by updating his graphics drivers. I hope one of the above fixes it and if not the dxdiag will help others assess what may be the problem.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

As @Zenavathar says… you need to provide more information…

Please post your system information, dxdiag files, player logs and in-game settings file.

If you do, then we can try and help you out.