Well seen moxjet in chat saying you alla re up to 282 uniques and set items and have plans to do more. I would hope you all dont fall in the rabbit hole D3 did with just a ton of uniques that are jsut never looked at or used. Some is unavoidable but as you make more that percentage will grow and it will be noticed.

Something to help with it might be a new crafting option. Being able to “upgrade” the base type. i.e. Dreamthorn is a unique split greatsword. having the option to upgrade it to an Imperial warblade or hallowed blade base type for just the sword base stats only could be an option.

Thats always a danger, but LE is already way ahead of D3 in this regard - just browse the builds on lastepochtools and barring a few OP items like the Bastion shield, there are a large variety of Uniques / Legendaries being used. Legendary potential also allows for customisation of Uniques. By comparison D3 builds are all sets and thats the end of it.

There are already a ton of trash tier uniques and somehow EHG is in the same boat as other devs and thinks it’s a good idea to make a somehow good unique on a terrible useless base so it’s bad to use.
There are some greate uniques on the other hand but the trash outweights the treasure already.

Why not add crafting to uniques? This would allow some individualizing of unique to own playing styles making them even more useful.

Well they do have a system in place. “legendary potential.”
i was looking beyond that.

I know but many uniques dont have legendary potential available.

They all have LP available, it’s just that sone are harder to get (ie, balanced around the potential for increased power that the additional affixes would provide).

Legendary Potential is a Value that can roll from 0-4 on every single unqiue in this game (with the exception of quest reward uniques).

This Value is rolled when the item dropped and cannot be changed.

The chance for a Unique to have legendary potential is balanced per item individually, but generally speaking you can say, that more common uniques have higher chance to have legendary potential.

Last Epoch whas in that rabbit hole with certain uniques and they changed a lot of them for the good already :D.

So i dont think we have to worry to much about it but just post about it instead. Those defs listen A LOT so far. Doesnt mean they do everything we want like they should. Its there game in the end. But a lot of times i saw things being changed because the community loved to see changes.

Trade is another big example of it :star_struck:

Ohh yeah i agreee. its just a suggestion is all if they like it cool if not well atleast i put it out there.

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Well, we have very interesting uniques, a few leveling uniques, and a good deal of trash uniques, that are barely salvageable even with 3 or 4LP, and most of them will not be seen with more than 2LP in a thousand hours of farming.

Most uniques are just worse than a good base with 4 T5 affixes. There are a few that enable certain things, with usually a huge penalty that is barely worth it (IE Mourningfrost boots, Suloron’s step) but these are really rare and can be a upgrade with a few LP.

In the fear of not making uniques mandatory or a definitively wide BiS options, they made far too much uniques that aren’t even an upgrade to a T15 item in a decent base.

Every unique can’t be build defining. If every single unique you find is god tier build enabling perfectly designed to be best in slot with no variance, why would you ever get excited about a unique? Part of the loot chase experience is getting excited about drops. If every drop is exciting, no drops are exciting,. There has to be variance in order to let the truly strong BIS uniques shine.

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I get your point and it’s fair but what if you drop a late game unique and look at it and even when it’s for your class you throw it away because it’s trash.
Yesterday I droped 2 Exalted items I shattered and a ton of items with stun related stuff. Was awefull experience as well.
The loot in this game is a badly designed slot machine with a static item design on top you NEED LP for to make a lot of the items worthwhile but guess what… LP is the next slot machine on top of the slot machine.

That’s completely wrong. You identify a good unique when you look at it at least if you have some experience and a build to use it for but even with this in mind a lot of uniques are trash tier.

This is all arpgs bud. That item that you find that’s trash makes the item that you find that’s amazing feel that much better. If every item you find is amazing for your build that’s a design issue, it’s not fun, it’s totally unremarkable… that’s exactly what I am trying to say. The loot is a slot machine because that’s literally the genre. There is zero fun to be had from a loot-based arpgs that rewards you every single time you drop an item, because . The loot in the game isn’t poorly designed, it’s actually one of the better systems in the genre, you just want instant gratification for doing nothing.

i heavily disagree. There are def uniques that are more trashy tier but a lot of them are good ish or ok. Some of them are really niche.
I think they need to upgrade some of them to get them more in line power wise i agree with that. However some interactions we might have found a proper use for yet.

I look at it as in POE sometimes everybody things an Unique is trash and later on they found out a combination with it which is amazing.
Maybe some of them are like this in LE aswell. But yeah there are def some trash tier ones but most of them really?

Nope at least not for me. The next time I drop 5 Slabs in 2 minutes i uninstall the game and be done with it. No item no matter how godlike it is outweighs my bad mood after a day of getting only crap.

You’ve been threatening to uninstall the game for months, face it you’re hooked.


Forging on uniques would increase their usefulness by a big margin and even not so optimal uniques can be turned into something more useful.

Good thing we have it then?
This discussion confuses me… :thinking:

No, we don’t have it right now with the exception of fusionating of uniques with legendaries.