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Uniques change: idea

I have an idea to make the unique items more exciting. Now, when You drop unique, usually don’t need to farm it anymore unless it’s really weak. What about adding for them random affix and/or prefix? You can farm them until found Yours dreamed piece with the affixes u need. Each unique drop will be exciting coz almost all of them will be unique.
What do You think?

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balance issues it would created would be a nightmare, however the opposite ‘could’ work where you shatter a unique for a random Unique roll and put that on a rare but that also is another developer nightmare albeit more controlled, even just mentioning this prob makes devs anxious

That would still cause balance issues for some of the unique affixes. Running a low life build but want to use the chest slot for class-specific affixes? Just shatter the Exsanguinous & put it’s affixes on a different slot!

Especially problematic since none of the affixes on uniques or sets are prefix/suffix.

As said before this would cause balance issues. And these items would not be “unique” anymore.