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Unique Item Suggestion: Forge Of Oblivion

So, i dusted off my Erasing Strike Void Knight with the latest patch.

I always liked the idea of a hit once, hit hard playstyle.

When i looked, where i could potentially spend my last few passive points in, i looked into the other classes passive trees and i have to say, i never realised the Node “Crushing Blows” in the Forge Guard Tree.

I liked the node so much for my playstyle that i respecced alot of passive points to reach it.
My erasing strike currently sits at 96 Mana Cost, and this node alone gives it 288% increased damage.
Now after playing a bit, i asked my self: "Why should we not bring this concept to a whole other level?"

And here comes my Unique Suggestion:

Forge Of Oblivion

Two-Handed Blunt Weapon
Unique Terror Mace

+104 Melee Physical Damage
(10-90)% Increased Melee Stun Chance

(45-65) Melee Physical Damage
(45-65) Melee Void Damage

~The next melee attack that costs mana does cost your entire remaining mana and sets you at negative mana of the amount of maximum mana you have~
Excludes movement abilities
(E.g, if you have 100 mana and use a melee attack that costs mana, you will have -100 mana)

~Melee attacks that cost mana deal 3% more damage per 1 mana cost~
Exclude movement abilities
(Only the amount of positive mana consumed does count for this)

You are only one swing away, to consign the world into oblivion