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Unique item lost when accidentally clicking teleport while dragging unique from forge to inventory

Hello, my first post on the forum and non-native with english so be gentle. I recently started playing LE, been great so far and having a blast.

Last night, on my firts playthrough, I found my first ‘kinda cool’ unique. I got a bit excited and hopped through teleport to hub to inspect and check my new toy out. While figuring out what to do with my new Axe I proceeded to check out if I can maybe use forge to improve it further, but no ofc “cannot forge uniques”. Then when I was dragging said item back from forge to my inventory, I must have accidentally clicked the teleporter or something, resulting in loosing the item when teleporting while dragging the item from forge to my inventory.

Not sure if a bug or more of an ‘user error’. Annoying still, and I was quite bummed out by the incident.

Here is a clip of the incident one of my viewers captured from my stream:

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Sorry to hear that! We’re tracking this issue internally.