Unique farming

We need a better way to target farm uniques. Or at least increase the ammount of the specific unique of the timelines by at least x5.

Currently I go farm on 200+ corruption and I’d only find 2 or 3 X unique nodes in 4 hours (rushing through every echo ofcourse). Part of this problem is that I mostly find unique nodes of the other variant, for example, 70% of the uniques I find on the timeline are helmets instead of shield that is what im looking or like in most cases its just a generic unique item (the one with the ring icon).

Im mostly abandoning my characters once i farm a bit on empowered monoliths because I get bored after 6+ hours of farming and I cant find a single specific unique im looking for. Let alone farm uniques that I already own with LP to further improve my current build.

Also because of this Im also terrified of transfering legendary potential to 1 or 2 LP items because I dont want to get the wrong stats on there since they are so hard to get.

TLDR: Need better ways to target farm uniques

Do you use the corruption echos to reroll nodes? My method is to clear as much of a monolith as I can without getting bored, clearing the echos with the targetted reward, use the corruption to reroll uncompleted echos, check for the targetted reward, repeat for as many corruption echos I found, then use the refresh one to refresh the reward echos. I think that would work.

That being said, farming for a particular item took me all day yesterday, lol.

I do use them, but takes A LOT of hours expanding the whole timeline to make them worth it and even then I see very few nodes with what I want.
for example I’ve been farming for a smoke weaver for 5 days. I think i found around 5 sword/dagger nodes in all of those days, most were maces or generic unique slots. And when i got that node that i wanted, it would drop a sword instead of a dagger.

For me the best way is to put uniques behind boss drops. That way I KNOW i will have a chance to get it every 850 stability and that would motivate me to farm LP too

That would be the Circle of Fortune faction when the whole CoF/trade thing goes live (before 1.0, no idea when).

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Smoke weaver is regarded as “rare” on lastepochtools.com … lol. Jeez, I’ve gotten a lot of them, even through rune of ascendances…

Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion, but in my opinion, the target farming for items in LE is so much better than any other game. But that’s just a comparison and not a critique on the game’s systems. I understand it’s not equal in terms of addressing your concerns. Unfortunately the gameplay loop of “farming” comes down to a matter of personal tastes pertaining to considering the game’s design.

Sorry it’s taking so long. Yesterday I was farming for Bloodkeeper’s Nest in The Last Ruin… did 155-ish echos until I found one. Literally took all day to find one, lol. The only consolation I can offer is trying to look up resources for ideas of better target farming.

Rarity of the item is not my point. I’ve gotten “rare” or even “very rare” items multiple times (and duplicates of them too). What im saying is that i dont even have the chance to roll a dagger or whatever type of item im looking for because nodes are scarce. Yes i can rune of ascendance it but it should be about farming while killing monsters not using an item and pray.

To give an example Im still using Eterra’s Path with 0 LP even though its a low level COMMON boots.

nice, i hope it doesnt take too long

Runes of Ascendance is the answer here; it’s about as targeted as you can get. I was playing MP with my buddy two days ago for 4 hours, we are both in early-80s level wise and we only had one pair of Mourningfrost boots drop; then I remembered Ascendance and wham – first try using a pair of yellow (rare) boots. Perhaps Ascendance Runes drop rate could be increased, but I agree with the others who have said farming for uniques in LE is better than in any other aRPG.

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