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Unique drop rates


I have been playing this alpha way more than I thought, and in that time I got really few unique items drop. Also, they are quite “meh”, very low level items. So not really rewarding. For now the best options seems to get the best item base possible and craft it to maximum.

Do you intend to adjust / boost drop rates for unique / set items ? Or maybe some endgame option will allow to farm / target farm certain type of uniques ?


So my response to this will echo my post in your other thread. So far we have been concentrating on low level uniques because the available campaign content is for low level characters, and the average character will be played less now compared to at release.

When an item drops, the game determines which base type the item will have - for example, a Jewelled Circlet - and then decides whether it will be a unique, e.g. Calamity. So each base item type with no unique variants - for example, Captain’s Ring - effectively ‘nerf’ the number of uniques you will get. In addition to continuing to add more unique items, we’ll be adjusting the chance for a dropped item to be a unique or set item (and in future, a legendary).


Good to know, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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